I can't buy from Emporium

I played Anniversary Edition yesterday on my Xbox Series X, no problem. Everything worked, went back into my old, old Shadow Lords fight (have not played in ages). I could buy things from the Emporium, no problem.

Today I decided I wanted to check out any changes to graphic options on the PC Anniversary version. It was running poorly (frame rate issues, crashed). I thought I had it working, went into Shadow Lords to play. I was able to purchase the Owl pack, saw the video telling me how to use it, then when I tried to purchase another item from the Emporium, it just makes a sound, but I can’t purchase anything.

I went and purchased KI Gold, it worked but didn’t reflect the new amount in the Emporium. I closed out Shadow Lords, went into the Store and it showed the updated KI Gold.

Went back to the Emporium in Shadow Lords, it reflected the new amount of KI Gold so I tried to buy the Health pack… and it just makes a noise.

I also found I couldn’t use my KI Gold on anything in the Store with Gold (tried a mimic skin).

I gave up on the PC edition, went back to the Xbox version. Loaded up Shadwo Lords and… same problem. Also couldn’t buy a mimic skin with Gold.

I thought maybe I corrupted my save, so I deleted my save file from… everywhere in the Xbox interface. I opened up KI and saw that all of my stats were gone (guess that happens when you delete your save everywhere). Figure… OK, not cool but if it fixes the error, whatever. Went into Shadow Lords, built my team, opened the Emporium and… I can’t buy anything still.

I unplugged network from my PC, fired it back up, opened KI, let it load my old save. I then reconnected the network, closed KI, connected back up and told it my PC save was the one I wanted, so I got my stats and such back. Tried the Emporium and…nope.

I don’t know what to do about this, and if anyone has any recommendations, let me know.

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I am in the same situation. I cannot buy anything from the Emporium anymore.

All I did to unstick mine was to keep playing Shadow Lords.
Eventually some of the things I tried to buy popped randomly and then I could buy from the Emporium again.

The other issue I had was that the packs in the Emporium seemed to be stuck. It wasn’t until the latest Epic or whatever the red packs are dropped that it started updating again.

Sorry I don’t have a magic bullet to fix it, as it was kind of annoying given I was trying to build stock to jump into Challenging.

Hope you get yours sorted.

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Hi, sorry you are having this happen.
What platform are you on?

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Xbox XS

Thank you, I will keep on playing then. It’s frustrating because I cannot unlock an achievement because there are two guardians left. I have to purchase, but I cannot purchase them because the store will no longer allow me. I could purchase the other ones, then I just lost the ability to purchase from the store.