I cannot fight spinal shago orchid or hisako

I know im bad but these characters just destroyme

Can you care to specify why of each please? And who you play as?

Maya and mira. Just everything they do i could add the whole cast i really dont know what to do to get better

You should ask for advice on a character thread about this.

Which character do you use?

I don’t know much about Maya, and the Mira subforum is brimming with useful information, so I’ll skip repeating a bunch of it here and just direct you over that way.

It can be really difficult to offer advice without any clue what would be helpful and what wouldn’t.

I know that just knowing you can take a turn after any blocked special of Shagos can probably go miles in that matchup. That seems to be peoples #1 problem with Shago, is not taking their turns when he gives them, and thus being bullied by his shenanigans. It is the defender that decides whether or not Shago even has shenanigans.

Hisako can be tricky. You can interrupt her Rekkas (if she doesn’t stick a HP Rekka in there). That might help. Also, her Parry doesn’t work on projectiles, so there’s that.

Anything specific you need help with? Everything they do is kind of vague. Also, if you’re just getting bodied by the entire cast, have you tried other characters? They’re both kind of on the advanced end (with Maya being all juggle-centric now). Maybe someone a little more beginner friendly might help you get your footing with the games general pace and mechanics?
Have you tried Jago, Orchid, or Sabrewulf? They might be worth a shot. Less variables and strict timings to worry about relative to their overall gameplans and achieving damage.

I don’t know enough about frame data to help you myself, @Dism3mbermenT, but for the rest of you - a good way to start helping him with the very little amount of info he has given so far, is to let him know which key moves for the characters he’s mentioned (Spinal, Shago, Orchid, etc.) are unsafe on block. He can then go from there, fight them defensively, wait for said moves to pop, and then counter after the block with a modicum of success, depending on which move he, himself, uses. Alternatively, he can use shadow counters, if he has meter, in the right situations - let him know what those situations are. :wink:

Also, since he’s been gracious enough to let us know that he plays Maya and Mira (sister duo FTW), you can then let him know which moves are safe on block, as well as which moves are the fastest against the blocked attacks in the 1st paragraph above. :slight_smile:

Heh. I’m not so sure “tell him which moves are unsafe” is really going to be all that useful…for Hisako and Shago that would read:

Hisako - negative on everything, unsafe on everything except air-ORZ
Shago - negative on everything, unsafe on everything except surge divekick

For help with the Hisako fight in particular, try this thread:

Not all of it is useful, but it should at least give you a place to start. Should be a video uploaded soon on there that shows how she can be bullied once you knock her down.


I had a good laugh at this, simply because it’s a valid, albeit very funny, point. Thanks for that. :smiley:

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Shagos dive kicks and slides kill me.

Everything about spinal normals skulls just him in general rip me

Orchid i can sniff out her slides and punish those.

These 3 are my worst match ups if anyone wants to get on mic and take things slow with me to help id be very down

I like maya and mira i can win but im not the best half way through silver i can’t break ant shadow moves i dont counter break enough or manual and i guess break alot or soon as i csn try to break

Willing ro get beat up for hours if someone wants to evaluate me

It’ll probably be a few days before I can get back on KI - but I do play Mira so if you’ve got some replay action in the meantime I’d be happy to toss you an evaluation.

Likewise there are players far more knowledgeable and talented than myself on this forum who might also be inclined to help.

I kinda tired of being destroyed by hisako too. Her normals seem to have so much priority. I got stuffed by her a lot of times and she controls the space so well that make me feel overwhelmed easily.

Im playing as sabrewulf and i have a constant fear of being hit by her counters. It really kills my game. To be honest i prefer to deal with glacius’.

When Hisako has full wrath, every normal will register as a counter-hit, which will change the frame data.

Instead of walking into your comfy range and pressing buttons, try walking in empty, whiffing a few normals to bait the counter and then punish her in recovery. When a Hisako is consistently blowing you up with counter-hits or vengeance counters, it means she knows your strings and rhythms so it’s time to make a quick adjustment.

Also - throw more, but don’t telegraph it.

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Thanks for the tips. I will see what i can do. Another thing annoying in this matchup it is that i cant punish her jump ins properly with eclipse because she can “fake it” with the air rekkas. Its definetely a hard matchup.

No problem man! Hope it helps! :slight_smile:

I don’t think it’s particularly skewed one way or another - Hisako is just one of those opponents that has to be dealt with in certain ways. Honestly a lot of the tactics that @STORM179 is discussing in the “How to win with/against Hisako” thread will totally apply in this MU too. You gotta disrespect this girl.

Yeah Hisako is remarkably good at baiting DPs. You wanna be careful tossing eclipse out in reaction to her jumps if she’s not directly on top of you. Try to AA with another button until you get a good sense of the Hisako’s tendencies.

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My benq is here now so im ready to spar