I believe Shago will come when Rash goes away

It makes sense does it? September will mark the end of the Rash test and to keep momentum I think there should be a Shago release, or at least a Shago test

He’s got to be close to completion, that’s for sure. Hopefully we won’t have to wait much longer, as much as I love Rash I have been waiting for Shago a whole hell of a lot longer.

I believe too. September Rash goes away and Shago comes with the new moveset

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Rash is now my third main… sucks he’s going to take a break :confused:

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That would be fantastic. I don’t think that they’ll do a beta test for Shago, he’ll probably just be released in full. I have a feeling that they might do a beta test for Kim Wu though… food for thought I suppose.

I was also wondering what’s next after Shago… Not sure they’ll do a Kim test before S3 is officially released… it would be a bit anticlimatic… Rash is a S3 character but he’s a guest so he kinda does not spoil anything… Also Rash release is very context sensitive with all the fanfare Rare Replay is getting. I doubt they’ll tease another S3 char before March 2016

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Good point, I didn’t think of it like that. I was just hoping that they would give us another tease to whet our appetites a bit more before S3 comes out.

I think once Shago is out, things are going to dry up for a very long time. No more tests, no more betas, just a long drought of content. We’ll get trailers and teases but nothing tangible for months on end.

Hope that’s the case! I’d love to get the new Shadow Jago earlier.

Although, they have stated that there will be more characters from S3 available than were available at the start of S2, meaning there will be at least three new characters right away, since TJ and Maya were both up at the start of S2.

So I don’t think it’s out of the question for us to at least see a teaser (like Kim Wu’s) for a third character, even if they’re not revealed in full or in playable format. This teaser would be easily tacked onto the end of a potential Shadow Jago trailer too…

It does makes sense. How they will release Shadow Jago pricing wise for those who don’t have him? I have no clue. The gap of 6 months of no content isn’t unfamiliar considering the end of S1 in April 2014 and TJ’s beta release in September. I think we’ll live, they’ll probably give another outline tease of the characters before Season 3 drops again. Speculating on the outlines really kept the HYPE Train rolling a long time. I thought Hisako was some fish ghost. :joy:


I really hope the guest characters get the beta-treatment at least. I’ll be EXtactic if Shadow Jago is playable for testing purposes.

Some characters embody an entire game’s mechanics as a whole, like ARIA does MvC2/3, some other characters emulate a staple or 2 within an archetype, like Jago does Ryu.

What I’m stoked for is Shago being like SFIII’s Akuma, at least from my experience and what I’ve read so far. That he’ll have Shadow Moves, therefore EX-types, as well is awesome.
It’s like Akuma-squared because of the aerial zoning with the rest of the balanced moves PLUS the ability to enhance those hits… But of course, SFIII Akuma, not MvC Akuma or SSFIIHD Akuma, or SIV Akuma :smiley:

… I like how I can say Omen and Fulgore have essence of Akuma but Shago can be the analogy (from at least one edition of SF).

It’d be nice to beta test that for 2 reasons:

  1. He can prove to be OP’d. The general public can help tone that down pre-release with some actual player experience input.


I’m very impatient here I had shadow jago since day one for goodness sake let him have his own voice vocals and MOVESET a bell in the stage u can use as a stage ultra

And we Want shago now I’m about to explode

That sounds like a good theory, add a character in when another is taken out just to keep the game rolling. Still, they did say by the end of the year so I wonder is September is still too early for that and if by the end it actually means late October - November.

Well, Rash has been a blast and Shadow Jago dropping on September 6, will definitely keep the ball rolling. If not, it would be awesome for them to introduce another beta test character, preferably the bombshell Kim-Wu herself!

i think Kim wu would come before shajo but thats just my opinion.

Perhaps as a beta test, but it’s highly unlikely that we’ll see her before season 3. She confirmed to be in season 3 and Shadow Jago has been confirmed to drop this year. Season 3 isn’t until March…but hey, I actually hope that I’m wrong in the case, lol!

Please, let’s leave the realism at the door on this one. Nothing but fanperson optimism here :wink:

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