I am the Best Maya in the World

Since there were no Maya topics yet on the new forums I wanted to start one :smile:



Nerf Maya :smile:

Seriously LCD I don’t wanna see you doing a thread asking for scorpion as a dlc character. I dare you. I will unsubscribe to your youtube channel and I will tell everybody that pinkdiamond is the best Maya in the world if you do it. :slight_smile:

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I wanna see LCD vs. Sajam Maya mirrors :grin:

Make it happen cap’n

No, I’m best Maya in the World!
just kidding… I hate Maya :gun:

I think Pink Diamond is the best maya right now lol


Sajam was awesome…sucks he kinda left KI for MKX as soon as MK dropped. I used to watch all his KI youtube videos but now they are few and far between. I learned a lot from his KI ranked ladder climb series.

MKX has been mad popular over the past couple of months, and him doing MK content is certainly a boon to his viewership numbers.

He recently has expressed a great deal of frustration with MKX’s multiplayer. I have a feeling that we’ll be seeing more KI content from him in the near future.

And yeah, his Ladder Climb series is awesome. :heart_eyes:

Yeah viewership numbers are usually the reason.
Dude I played MK online last weekend and literally had a few matches that you had to input the command about 1 second before it came out…it was bad!!! Pisses me off when I loose matches like that to some Scorpion kid…its always Scorpion too! lol

But sometimes i have good matches too…my connection in hardwired so i always have 4 green bars.

But KI rarely has lag… in January - February there was a bit of lag but lately its been perfect!

… I want to see vs C88 Pinkdiamond, first to 15!!!

I thoroughly enjoy Pink’s gameplay and feel the 8-Bit commentators don’t get that she gets Maya extremely well. It’s her matchups and Yomi that she needs to but is consistently elevating.
Catching up on the streams, she is the most improved player.

May I have some linkage to some serious Maya play LCD?