I am livid about the definitive edition

This ^^^^^

Ive been wanting to say this for 2 days now… Not sure why everyone thinks Iron Galaxy has anything to do with the actual merchandise created and sold with the KI brand.

Iron Galaxy programs the game, combat design, UI, ect… MS does the Lore, Character creation, merchandise, distribution, ect…

And I probably dont have it stated exaclty how it goes down…but Im positive its ■■■■ close to how it works.


Honestly the only thing that has me salty right now is the fact that shadow lords doesn’t come out until this definitive edition does. I feel like the disk release is holding it back more than it shoud but whatever.

I think it might be the other way around, they cant release the Difinitive edition till Shadow Lords is complete…at least that seems more logical to me…

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They have been playing it since spring. We have it downloaded on our hard drives since June. What a coincidence that they’re releasing it right when the disc launches on September. They announced the multiplayer mode tied to SL releasing on july. Then the disc gets announced and turns out we’re not getting the multiplayer mode until after disc release. Isn’t that suspicious? They were confident enough to announce a July release but after announcing a disc it turns out it all comes until September.

Meh, I’ve never been one for negative thinking, doesnt make me any happier anyways, since it is what it is. I simply see no reason why they would hold back a mode to have a same time release, the disc could release just as easily after Shadow Lords then hold the mode back for release, since the disc will have the mode regardless…

As for it being played for a while already, polishig/balancing a game or a mode takes a lot of time, and I feel they really want to knock this one out of the park.

This was my opinion on it in a separate forum post I made before seeing this one.

Well you could of waited 3 years? Your choice at the end of the day… plus… This get ms more money which means continued support for the game… so not point in getting mad about it. Business at the end of the day.

Also… thus happens with every game sooner or later. I spent £100 on Doom special edition… now it is only £60… overload the space of what? Few months… things change.

As for exclusive things… nothing in KI has every truly been exclusive. It gets out there eventually… and if you are a true supporter of the game, you will buy whatever gets thrown out. I have all the Ultra editions, fightstick, art book, figures and season 1 retail… and I will continue to support the game by buying the definitive edition and anything else that comes out. As should anyone else…

MKXL … thats all im going to say . Everyons acting like this is crime against humanity. If you have all seasons dont buy it , if you want the gold gargos skin just buy it on ebay or just ask gamestop to get it off them , simple

Um, you got to play the game for three years? Would you honestly wait three years for one extra color?


MKXL didn’t have any exclusive content.

Actually it did , it came with two exclusive skins only to the retail version

Gold steel scorpion is exclusive and to this day you still cant get him unless you bought the collectors box.
Besides that one skin…I have them all.

You could also say the many Mobile game skins are exclusive…you cant get them in the main game unless you complete the tasks in the mobile game.

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You mean the cosplay pack, no those were not exclusive to XL, you could get those for preorder kombat pack 2, as for the guy who said gold scorpion, yeah it sucks you can’t get him, but that was a launch skin, it wasn’t something that everyone didn’t know about when the game first came out. Also, the mobile skins only required a logiin which many people shared to get everyone the unlocks.

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This is a poor example. MKXL is not the example you want to use.

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The gold scorpion skin cost you a lot more than $40 to get. I’m not sure how claiming it was a launch item saves you from the lie you’ve been telling about no other collectors editions having exclusive in game content.

THe mobile skins were not given with just a sign up , you had to beat multiple towers, ect… yes you could share someones account…but you could also get caught and banned from the account.

Its still exclusive no matter how you word it.

But I agree they should all be sold separate, even if its an outrageous price to match the exclusiveness of whatever it was released with…at least later down the road anyway.

Im probably going to just buy the damn definitive edition and add it to my KI collection.

Good god, guys. This is still going?

You have made your point @jpraelster93. If the devs think you’re right, they’ll make adjustments.

Continuing this topic is only making you look worse.

Leave him be… we can discuss everyday for the rest of the year and it hurts no one. No need to jump on the tail of every thread you dont agree with and chastise everyone.


Agreed. He makes some valid complaints, even if his methods aren’t the most appreciated in terms of respect.

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I’m not stating whether or not his point is valid or how he explained it.

The point is that he’s saying it over and over, and it’s getting old extremely fast. No matter how you phrase your response, that’s never the right thing to do.

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