I am happy about new single and mp mode coming instead of stages

afther what i seen in the launch trailer, i am happy that we ‘only’ get 3 stages but then get a new single player mode (looks awesome, and i almost never play ranked, only lobbies with friends), a new multiplayer mode coming (wondering what), new better looking stages and cross play.
yes, i think we do not need any more stages, but a new SP and MP mode is Always welcome.
Happy with the trailer! :smile:


1000% agree. 2 new game modes are much more needed than MOAR stages

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Why can’t we have both?


Time and money.

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I ld be happy having both. Bittersweet feeling here

All the more power to you man! The devs really are working hard, but for me they still need to do something to make up for the loss of stages. The loss of a stage for a character is like taking 1/3 of that character away, it takes away the identity and the home of that character.
For me they’d have to do something like having a Stage Ultra on all stages or something like that.

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Does it mean we’re not getting a story mode for season 3 though?

I dont think the story mode counts as its on seperate “new” mode. Im almost positive we’re getting a story for Season 3. The story and lore of this season is talked about a lot!

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I really would have liked to see alternative stages, or even knock through stages, something like DOA rather than the enders where they have alternative stage endings.

Until we get more info on how the new modes will play, I still would prefer each character have gotten his own stage. So much of a characters personality and background is transmitted through the stage, and the music doesn’t fit on other character’s stages.

At least we got nice new lighting.

Because there are no unicorns and fairy’s to give us both?

I am intrigued by the new modes, but I will withhold judgment until I know a little more about them. I rarely enjoy playing single player modes, but if the “Shadow Lords” mode involves fighting other people’s shadows, that might just be fun enough to get me to do it. For people who don’t really play much online this should really be a huge cause for celebration.

I would be excited for new modes, but I am still having issues with shadow mode. It errors on me all the time. I don’t want another half assed mode, just so they can claim the game has several different modes.

Yes, I have reported my problems with shadow mode errors and the crashing issue

Is there is enough unwarranted snarkyness to go around? lol

I’m sorry to hear you have problems. Shadow mode is pretty cool and it seems to work well for most users. Hopefully the new s3 update will fix your problem. I had the bug where it would lock up when I checked in status for a while but they were able to fix it for me by looking at my save file. I know you said you have reported but make sure to tag @GoogleMyName. I’m pretty sure he’s the one who helped me out.

unless its team mode or tag team, i’d prefer the stages to be honest

I just tried shadow mode now, and it can even connect to the ultra tech sever. I will restart theater xbox and see if that helps. I have been trying to get the shadow achievement for 6 months now.

See I agree with you entirely but correct me if I’m hopefully wrong but I don’t seem to recall any time the Devs have even mentioned a story mode for Season 3. Is there a chance that Shadow Lords will be the Season 3 Story mode?

With all the guest characters a story mode this season like season 2 would be hard to make sense :confused:

I hope shado lords Will not replace a true story mode…

Trust me, we’re getting Story Mode. Not only have people said that the 3 Stage senario is the last of the sad news about Season 3. But the character’s story’s are talked about in their trailers. Not only that but we’re always hearing about purple shadow energy and how that’s playing a role in the story.