I am amazed instinct mode was not changed

I have felt that Riptors instinct mode has always been the least interesting and least useful in the game since her release. And after seeing the Season 3 change list from the world cup, I cannot believe they have not adjusted instinct for Riptor. Does anyone agree that it should have been altered somehow?

Actually, what does her instinct do? I don’t quite remember. Even when I play a Riptor, I don’t really notice when they have instinct active except for I think she runs faster.

That and I believe her tail and flames have more reach.

Copy paste from @Infilament Guide

Instinct Mode: All of Riptor’s flame attacks (any normal using HP) and tail attacks (any normal using HK) are amplified. The flame attacks have more range and do significantly more damage, while Riptor’s cybernetic tail extends for massive range. Riptor’s forward run also immediately reaches max velocity, thus gaining a hit of armor from the very start. If Riptor is getting zoned out, using the run into any of her strong approach options like HP or Shoulder Charge will get Riptor close in a heartbeat, and Riptor is able to apply her pressure from considerably farther away by using her extended tail normals like standing HK, Predator stance MK, and sweep. She also gains a mammoth air normal in jumping HK, great for air-to-air battles. The increased strength of her flame attacks will strengthen her damage during a lockout (using HP auto-doubles), make her back+HP anti-air much harder to beat, and enhance the value of her exceptional jumping HP. Riptor’s instinct strengthens non-obvious portions of her game; her Tail Flip mixups and close range pressure are largely unchanged, but smart application of spacing will make its worth quite apparent.

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Does she still get her damage buff? With primal linkers now doing almost double the damage they used to if you pair that with instinct she could be doing stupid levels of damage.

To clarify, I don’t think her instinct mode is useless, I simply think it’s boring in it’s current Season 2 state. It’s like Season 1 Jago or Wulf instinct modes; useful, but not very fun.

I’m not too bothered by the fact they didn’t change instinct. I think it has a few decent uses and paired with the mortars I think the run speed will be quite useful. The better frames for crouching HK improve it as well.

The one thing that really bothers me is the added recovery on certain moves during instinct. Most notably, Tail Fling (run back HK).

During instinct only, Riptor has too many recovery frames to have any sort of follow up after Tail Fling. Which seems odd to keep that considering the buff given to run back HK (ie: less kv build).

Really makes me wonder whether or not this is intentional. Could @TheKeits please answer whether or not this is intentional? Also possibly maybe why this is the case? Here are comparison videos to show what I mean.

No instinct:

During instinct:

Some Riptor players were asking if Instinct Run Back HK was fixed to match non-Instinct version in S3.

Yes it was! Got left off the list!

— The NERFinator (@TheKeits) February 5, 2016


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Riptor’s instinct is arguably the worst in the game. The greatest use I get out of it is the momentary time freeze that everyone else gets.

This literally the only thing I use her instinct for. Someone likes to spam jump HP or Jump HK? Instinct > shadow Tail Flip. Getting pressured on wakeup? Instinct > Shadow Clever Girl > Shadow Tail Flip.