Hypothetical Teams for a KI Cooperation Cup

Just got done watching the Japanese Cooperation Cup, which is a really interesting Street Fighter 3rd Strike tournament where the entire tournament is teams. The first day is the really interesting one to me, in that the teams are comprised of just a single character, so Team Q is comprised of 5 Q players, Team Makoto has 5 Makoto’s, etc. It’s a really interesting and fun format of one-and-dones where you get to see lots of characters and MU’s that you might otherwise not see at a 3S tournament.

So my question is this: if there were to be a KI Cooperation Cup, which character teams do you think would be fire to watch? Which would you think would be the favorite to win, which would you like to see go far? For simplicity’s sake, let’s just make the teams be teams of 3. Who would you like to draft for your teams? :hushed:

Here’s a rough stab on my end for it:

  • Team Hisako: Storm179, Charbok, LeChatNoir
  • Team Fulgore: Circa Nicky, @STLemonHunter, TexAce
  • Team Spinal: @UABass, Raven is Raw, not sure (with Bass and Raven would be strong regardless, not sure who I’d pick for 3rd slot)
  • Team TJ: DevilMayCare, Rebelo, @TBSHankhill (Thrash could be another strong option)
  • Team Omen: CrazySkateNate, @HWZipstar, @ItzTymeToDul
  • Team Kim Wu: @SonicDolphin117, IceWater, @TheNinjaOstrich
  • Team Aganos: @MnTLetalis, Mister J, ZergKiller (if someone could find him :joy:)
  • Team Gargos: DaytonJ, Jackal, Amenty
  • Team Orchid: LCD, CharlieBoy, GnarlyFeats
  • Team Sadira: Kalypso, Grief, maybe Nazty Nate from KIT?
  • Team Rash: Wolfgang Mello, Aphex, Menzo
  • Team Kan-Ra: Fubuki, @HWFREEKYJASON, @lHagenl

And so on. So that’s a few quick teams from my end - what teams would you create or love to watch? :slight_smile:


I’ll add a Team Cinder here.

@UABass’s Cinder is one of my favorites too, but I think he would choose Team Spinal.


Team Aria: @F3Sleep , @SeaDragonKI and ST Limonada
Team Jago: Thompson, Jagoblake and h3ro0ftim3
Team Thunder: Guttermagic, Hologram and Shintristan



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Team Arbiter: KevBones10, @SonicDolphin117 and HALOPRO40 (I would choose OGTY, but he dropped Arby)

Team Cinder: @swordman09, @UABass and HWValoraxe
Team Gargos: DaytonJ, @HWSlenderCashew and Jackal


Hey, Bass can’t be on our team if he picks Spinal

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If he could be in more than one team he could perfectly play at Team Spinal, Team Cinder, Team Mira and Team Shago :rofl: His Jago and Sabrewulf are pretty damn good too.

Both me and my brother @JEFFRON27 are Riptor mains.

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I’m just a bit surprised that you think I’m good enough to be on a team like this :joy:

Appreciate it! :slight_smile:

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I’m not.

Reasoning? I’m nowhere as good as those two Kim players.


  1. What other Kim’s are there/have there been? True, these are Storm’s selections, but the only other player i’d make a case for with Kim Wu might be Bastfree.

  2. I’ve played sets against two of the three players listed; i feel those two to be strong players in their own right. The third i just know to be a strong player.

  3. Are the listed players capable of delivering exceptional KI in a format like from the recent 3S event? Sure. Are the listed players either exceptional specialists or innovators for the character? Sure.

You put me with omen cause you don’t know other omen players :joy: i dang sure wouldn’t play with him.


Dul, I miss your Omen! :no_mouth: Last championship I watched you play you picked Kan. Please do some Sets With Friends playing with Omen again.


Same here

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Team Eagle: Amenty, HxTrauma, BambasticXUltra

Does anyone know who can consist of a team Kilgore? I only know like two good Kilgores

-shrug- I know other Omen’s, but in general I tend to like them more on alternate characters, the way I still like your Omen more than your Kan. It’s why even though Nate has a Fulgore and a (very good) Jago, I put him on the Omen team, or why I placed Bass on Team Spinal rather than Team Shago. Yeah, I could put Letalis on Team Omen…but would I really want see Letalis’ Omen compared to his Aganos or Raam? No. No I would not.

@TheNinjaOstrich Bastfree is the only other Kim I’d bounce your for. There aren’t that many Kim Wu players, and of the ones I’ve run into I think you’re up there in terms of skill.

If you wanted a Team Kilgore @FallibleJoker14, you’d probably have to pull people off other teams, or maybe have a team with two Japanese players. Sleep and Kalypso have tournament level Kilgore’s, and Ret and Domy both do as well.


This means a lot actually. Thank you!

Maury has a pretty good kilgore

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He was one of the ones I was thinking of earlier

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