Hunter Killer

Just saw this movie and noticed the crewman were playing ki and of course flash was whooping Waterhorses.:crazy_face:. I knew Sabrewulf was big time but I didn’t know he went full on action star​:star_struck:, that dude can’t stop, won’t stop​:sunglasses:.

I know it’s been tough for a while with no support forever but it’s still a great game and we should keep playing, somebody from a major movie thought it was good enough to put on the big screen so keep your love alive for it, plenty of fans of it still obviously, some even bic ballas.

On a side note it was a really good movie, it had a few cheesy parts but I’d give it a b plus or a minus and highly recommend a watch, it also gives you a major appreciation into just how insane military life can be and what some of them are forced to do to protect us sometimes, you don’t really grasp how much goes into it until you see a movie like this. I’m not really a fan of government but mich :heart: and respect :fist: to our troops and long live ki, aaaoooooooouuuwww!!!