Hugo (USF4) vs. Aganos

I would say Aganos wins this

Aganos is the type of character who often wouldn’t get defeated physically, but more by the dark arts or sorcery (like Kan-ra). Since Hugo is all brawn, despite being physically imposing Aganos would most likely take it. Also Aganos is powered by that life-source thing (i dunno what its called) so he probs won’t tire like hugo

Doesn’t need it when he has the ‘raging demon’ instead

…you don’t know much about balance, do you?

what does this have to do with balance?

Its just ‘does Character A beat Character B’

If there’s anything both KI and USFIV are respected for, it’s character balance: the gap in overall performance between top and bottom tier in both of these games is very narrow. Ryu vs Akuma is a fair fight; as is Jago vs Aganos. There may be some lopsided matchups in each game when you go in deeper and analyze them, but by and large, it’s never too bad, and you can be assured that a similar general sense of “power level” is intended for the toolset of each character in the respective casts of the games in question.

I can also tell you that, e.g., Ryu would get annihilated by Jago. Jago has almost every tool Ryu has, but also: a disgusting overhead that reaches further than any other normal and safely converts to a full combo; double roundhouse, which has the startup of a medium normal, amazing range, leads to a full combo on hit, and is +3 on block, making it a great footsie and pressure tool; wind kick, which is an unreactable half-screen low-crush which combos on hit and is safe on block, a move you could never put in a SF game; and laser sword, which allows Jago to stay at plus frames during pressure for longer than Ryu whilst confirming combo openings, and makes Jago’s crMK better than Ryu’s crMK (Ryu’s crMK xx fireball is worse than Jago’s crMK xx laser sword). Jago beats Ryu in footsies (the trinity of crMK xx laser sword, double roundhouse, and medium wind kick completely oppress Ryu’s spacing game) and pressure (aforementioned double roundhouse and laser sword can keep Jago frame-trapping for days). In terms of combat design, it’s pretty clear that Jago annihilates Ryu in almost every regard.

Why do I bring up Jago and Ryu, when we’re talking about Aganos and a big list of characters you named? Because as the “principal Shotos” of their respective games, Ryu and Jago set the bar as to what calibre of combat arsenal is considered kosher. In the same game as Jago has all of the above nasty stuff, Glacius has an unblockable full-screen move, a projectile that acts as an assist, a forward-travelling comparable to wind kick, and a DP that opens a full combo; Wulf has an unreactable mid-screen projectile-evading high-low mixup off of a run with a safe option (and the other options can be made safe in instinct), an unreactable dash-through, and a DP that doesn’t care about crossups; Fulgore has a lot of Jago’s dirt as well as a lot of taboo special-special cancels and KI’s signature projectile rushdown game, which SF games only seem to get under very special circumstances (SFV Nash’s entire V-trigger). Aganos is designed to rock (haha, a pun!) with these crazy-powerful offensive beasts, whereas, even with health scaling, a SFIV character is designed to hang with Ryu without that matchup being lopsided.

So unless there’s something peculiar about Aganos that allows him to hang in a ballpark waaaaaay above his league, Aganos wins by a goddamn mile.

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I was referring more lore wise…rather than gameplay…since that what they do in deathbattle…cause well it makes more sense

Matchup wise Guile beats M.Bison 6-4 to 7-3, yet lore wise Bison could beat guile in mere seconds
Or in Mortal kombat matchup wise Kabal beats everyone but lore wise he is not that strong

You are looking way to deep into this and making it complicated

Aganos would win lore wise and gameplay wise.

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Also it’s a little awkward that you have a game about characters fighting 1-on-1 set in a universe where said 1-on-1 fights would be canonically absurdly lopsided.

Also also, getting disagreeable on grounds of lore is silly.

I also said Aganos would win, but how is it silly when using lore??? it makes more sense