HUD visible during the Ultimate, yes or no?

I noticed that the new Ultimate, they do not see Hud, if it’s an adjustment, I hope Shajo not be forgotten.
I think visible HUD, diverts attention from the kinematics.

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I made a thread about the same subject a while back, I think it got removed now, if you look at the end of the Kilgore stream it suddenly disappeared when jago performed his ultimate

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If you look at the new Ultimates, the UI goes away. And I love that :smiley:
Hopefully they update Shago’s to give it the same courtesy.

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To regard the sequence to make an ultimate?

HUD should go away but they should add some more eye candy in the background so the all black screen doesn’t look so cheap.

This is the consequence of the economic work on the stages.

still I do not understand, the shots of these Ultimate, are not that different from starting match shots, when the fighters are presented. I do not understand why this horrible black background.

just as I thought, Shadow Jago you have left behind…HUD visible…no Ultimate Icon in select screen, buttons combination unchanged :sob: