Howllelujah: The Howl Ain't About Hate

Personally I count myself as lucky that my Main’s taunt is one of the most innocuous of the bunch. I mean seriously, Sabrewulf howling loudly into the sky doesn’t insult the opponent; it’s just what wolves kinda… do. We don’t even have to hit the taunt button to do it. If you win, you howl regardless of want to do so.

If anything, I’m insulting myself by admitting to the opponent that I have no concept of personal volume control after I hit them up with a 70% sabre-slapping.

Agree? Disagree?

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Sabrewulf’s taunts is one of my absolute favorites. It feels powerful and feral but it also really feels like he’s just so caught up in the moment that he’s celebrating… in his own animalistic way haha. Like an adrenaline surge, which is something I’m sure we all get in this game!

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Well said! I like how you tied the player’s experience into it as well

I think Omen’s taunt is similar. Not directly insulting, he’s just saying "Now I’m getting serious."
When I hit Killer rank, it was on a fight that was really close. When I won I got so stoked I did Omen’s taunt… In real life… Even though I was playing Hisako.


Dude I can believe it. I just got to Gold rank last night, but I had an anti-climatic final match against a bronze-ranked Jago troll. Omen’s taunt isn’t too insulting; I just blame it on Gargos. But Jago’s taunt is one of the more disdainful of the entire cast. I’ll admit I almost howled IRL after I caught the Jatroll mid-taunt from across the screen w/ Shadow Ragged Edge as part of my send-off match from Silver.

I love outing rage-quitters and poorly-timed taunts, so I had to post it to my channel haha

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Yes, Wulf’s Taunt is less about disrespect and more about making noise.

Riptor’s and Wulf’s both seem less about respect (or dissing) and more about just scratching that feral itch.


L-M-A-O! ahhh that was funny! thanks

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Jagos taunt will definitely get your blood boiling…especially if its from a low level troll player!

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Jago’s taunt is the worst in the game. Whoever programmed that probably deserves a shoulder punch…

Sabrewulf’s and Spinal’s taunts are probably the two that I think are not really taunts. They just seem like something the character should be doing - almost like an idle animation. It doesn’t bother me at all if people do their taunts, which I guess is odd since Spinal’s is actually a laugh. But he does the laugh while running and it’s so iconic that, like I said, it pretty much just seems like something he should be doing anyway.


If you howl i sit on face

I always like Sabrewulf’s howl. When I mained Sabre I used to get into howling matches with friends. :stuck_out_tongue: As a Sadira main though, her taunt is rather silly. She looks like she’s curtseying and asking “Want more?” Ugh… she is such a ■■■■, but a darn fine ■■■■. :smiley:

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They day I leveled up to Killer I taunted and then stopped because I feel people get offended, this happened:

But I love Sabrewulf’s howl, I used to do it all the time in old KIs! =(

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I do like Sabrewulf’s taunt. It’s like a real call of victory which is pretty much why it’s the same as his winpose. lol


In all honesty, the taunts don’t really annoy me too much. Some might be bothersome, but there’re are worse things.

I agree, wulf’s taunt is probably most respectful in the game. Until upyou spam it by holding crouch. Also love when u end a round in command run, spam your taunt button and he will howl facing the other way before turning around.

Worst taunts go to jago and Maya.


Fulgore’s taunt is okay?

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I like it!. I didn’t find it offensive until someone laugh and said f…you XD (it was a friend)
But I love Fulgore, he used to be my second main (not in this KI, can’t use it with the joypad u.u). I think showing his blades was more like “this is what you get if you mess with me” rather than insulting you the way we all think. But that was my first opinion. Now I’m having doubts XD

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While I understand that taunts are often considered universally disrespectful, I feel like Wulf’s howl has a different sort of feeling.
It may seem rude, but getting a big Ultra that ends in a good juggle and a fabulous flip kick, it just kinda comes out.
It may seem odd, but when Mike screams “ULTRAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!” in tandem with the Wulf howl, it almost seems like Wulf’s the one saying it. In fact, for quite a while I actually started to associate the “ULTRAAAetc.” battle cry with Wulf, since he’s probably the one character that brings me enough hype that I can hardly resist the Ultra/Howl mantra. :stuck_out_tongue:
Probably a good thing I haven’t been online lately. I’d probably look like a bit of a d ick

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I feel people will complain less about the, if they were called Personal Actions instead.

Definitely agree with you on that now, yes. Enough said :wink: :slightly_smiling:

HOWLING WOLF! :sunglasses: