How would YOU described the year 2020?

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Personally how would YOU put and considered as well as viewed the year of 2020 to be so far most especially in the light of these recent AND latest events, both current and major, along with happenings all around/over the world despite the fact that this year is the official start of an all-new decade while currently halfway through the year at the same time?

Current events include but not limited to:
COVID-19 aka coronavirus pandemic.
Black Lives Matter movement and overall racial unrest.
Certain YouTubers AND YouTube channels basically getting outed/exposed.
Natural disasters (including wildfires in Arizona, floodings in China, landslides in Norway).
Certain video games getting some flak AND criticisms not least for their endings as well as delays.
Global economic meltdown.
Threats of a looming war between the nuclear superpowers especially World War III along with the terrorist organizations.
Cancellations of concerts, conferences, conventions, and other major events/outings.

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Terrible! Absolutely Terrible.

Covid 19
Lost my Uncle to C.O.P.D.
Lost my Grandpa from my mothers side
Insanity going on in this country and politicians are trying to take advantage of it.

Only good that came from this was.

Improving my handy work in Blender
Working a seasonal job (currently laid off but will return later in the year. Just no scheduled hours for the summer.)

The only movie I had to look forward to was Godzilla vs Kong. But for understandable reasons it was delayed to 2021.

To describe how I feel right now, 2020 currently sucks!

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