How would u guys feel about a multiple linkers in combo's

i think its a great idea to make people have there own unique way of doing combo’s while having a prettyy big execution barrier, its like a risk/reward thing still ur combo’s are hard to break but u have to execute the inputs without mistake. I think its a pretty provocative subject, and it would be more like a KI 1 style combo system mixed with KI 2.

This is actually already Orchid’s combo trait, and every character can do a linker after an opener and/or a shadow linker after a standard linker.

she only can do it with her rekkas thats boring though for it to only be given to one character all characters having it would add more variety imo im talking about all linkers light WK > H WK > M LS> L LS> MANUAL > ENDER

It’s a balance thing. The combo structure in KI exists the way it does for a reason. Everyone in the cast follows the same path with some minor variations so that combos can be consistently broken. The reason this ability (linker into linker) is only given to one character is because every character has their own combo trait unique to them. Several characters can cancel auto-double into auto-double (Jago/Shago/Omen, Wulf, TJ), Glacius can do combos from full screen, some characters have target combos or easy opportunities for manuals or juggles. If everyone had the exact same set of tools and could do all of the same stuff, THAT would be boring if you ask me.
I think that multi-linkers are just fine staying on Orchid.

Well, another character or 2 can share that trait in one form or another :smile: After all, Riptor’s heavies are very special.

To add, not deflect/undermine.

how would it be boring lol its boring seeing the same thing on the screen combo breaker combo breaker combo breaker one guy kept asking me that i introduced to KI is the game called combo breaker or something? im like yeah back when the game first released (Season 1 :smile:) you ddnt see that thing on the screen every five seconds everones restricted to follow a certain combo path after a certain strenght of linker. He said well thats like restricted combat no thank you man. i try getting people into the game but its the same thing THEY HATE COMBO’S BEING BROKEN PERIOD. and it gets digusting to atch at high level tournaments when u see constant successful guess breaks. Like even a commentator on spooky stream trying to get into KI was like is this the main meta just combo breaks after every minute???

If your combos are being broken more often than you’d like, then it’s time to add more manuals and counter breakers into your life, with a dietary supplement of shorter, one chance break combos.
Otherwise, expect to have your combos broken (frequently if your opponent is any good at the game.)
The fame is structured the way it is based around the idea of breaking. Bypassing auto-doubles and manuals completely would throw the fame wildly into certain characters’ favor. Characters with an unusual number of hits in their linkers or linkers with unusual properties such as Thunder’s Triplax, Sabrewulf’s running linkers, Omen’s crazy kicks, or anything Kan-Ra does would become unfathomably high tier. Their unique linkers already give them an advantage in breakability. Giving then the option to do nothing but crazy linkers one after the other would put a strain on the meta more than help it.
The combo system is structured the way it is for a reason. @Infilament, @TheKeits, or anyone else who’s looked extensively into the combo system will tell you there’s already a plethora of ways of making your combos harder to break without introducing a mechanic that has potential to break certain characters on a fundamental level.

By putting a strain on the system what exaclty do u mean if it only adds dexterity and variety to combo’s? its not like ppl still cant attempt to guess break it still. Its still a risk regardless it just makes it more cooler to watch then to see obvious combo’s being broken 24/7 then u throw out a manual and that gets guess broken everytime too. Even throw out a couple counter breaks and nothing happens the combo sytem in KI is so easy to follow u would get combo broken 3-4 times before actually landing a 40% or counter break combo

I’d argue that being easy to follow and easy to read/break is KI’s sole purpose, and that “they could still guess break it” is somewhat counterintuitive to your point earlier about guess breaking making streams less fun to watch, but I think it’s clear we just aren’t on the same page here.
If you’re adamant about this idea, go on an role with it. I don’t see the benefit vs the potential to to make the game even less about reads and more about guessing than people complain about it being.

Actually there’s a glitch with the new Combo Assist Mode that allows this to be possible for some characters. Jago can do L WK > H LK > L WK > M WK >… etc. It’s pretty stupid.

better then boring medim linker into AD or something looks like u can get more creative with it

Actually wasnt counter intuitive im saying they can still guess because it adds no advantage except limiting random guesses and adding more creativity to KI’s combo system

Saying that something that makes it so you are more or less forced to guess on with some characters will reduce the amount of guessing is the exact definition of counterintuitive though… :neutral_face:
I can get that you want to have more options for combos, but you can’t have something that makes combos harder to read and say it removes guessing. Either you want to make combos harder to break, or you want to eliminate guesswork.
If you want to encourage people to read rather than guess, let’s keep it as is and start doing one chance breaks or manuals.
Adding the ability to do linker>linker>linker>linker for any character and any linker at any time with no cost of meter would certainly make combos harder to break, to the point where most people who normally look for things to break may revert to guessing, especially with Omen’s crazy kicks or Kan-Ra’s twirl.
Plus, it would make Orchid’s combo trait useless, which would be a bummer, to say the least.

u can always get strategtic and look for a certain order people go in, or just break auto doubles which usually is not a guess break a 100% a read. You should have been played long enough to know sounds of linkers for every chracter or at least how the linkers look. And im not saying u can jst do light linkers all day but only 2 linkers into autodoubles. But yeah ur right every char does have a unique combo trait idk just a idea to make KI have a cool looking combo system

I really have nothing to discuss about this, im Just here to cast my “vote”.


Here too to say linker to linker is unnecessary to KI, you can get creative in many ways already.

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