How would a KI movie or TV show work?

Welcome to the pie-in-the-sky, let’s-think-creatively-because-why-not dream thread :slight_smile: I’ve seen there are two others kind of like it, but they ask about which format would be best and about whom we’d like to see in the cast.

This one’s dreamier than those. I’m really interested in reading creative ideas about the actual nature of the TV show or movie–how would it be structured, how would it be made, what would it be about? Every now and then I think about how cool the KI lore is, and my mind really wants more transmedia shenanigans to go down (the KI tournament is easily the best fighting tournament story in video games).

Anyway, here’s my idea. I think TV show is best, because TV can explore richer, more extended storylines than movies can (ten, hour-long episodes vs. one, 1.5-3 hour episode).

At first, the focus would be on backstories, and each season would follow a very limited number of characters. For example:

Season 1: Thunder and Eagle

  • Explore their relationship
  • Understand their background, their frames
  • Ends with Eagle’s capture by Ultratech

Season 2: Orchid and Jago

  • Storylines progress in parallel but separately (he’s in Tibet as a monk, she’s still with her agency on assignment)
  • Jago’s storyline is about him coming to understand the tiger spirit
  • Jago’s ends with his realization that the tiger spirit is Omen, and the vow to purge it
  • Orchid’s is about her increasingly toxic relationship with the agency and growing fixation on Ultratech (establish her tendencies toward paranoia and obsession)
  • Orchid’s ends with her expulsion from the agency and vow to take down Ultratech as a renegade
  • The season ends without the revelation that they’re related. That comes in a later season (and so does Shadow Jago). Instead, the relationship is just subtly implied by the fixation on both in parallel, especially after season one focused on two brothers. Writers could seed some vague clues with which the audience could develop theories about their relationship.

Season 3: ???

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Something to do with ARIA please. Sadira too. :slight_smile:

Since the latest iteration of the series seems to center largely around the Nightguard, and their involvement with Kan-Ra, Aganos, and the summoning of both Gargos and Eyedol, I think Maya should be the protagonist of the TV show/movie, rather than say, Jago or Orchid - especially since she has to contend with controlling her daggers and the supposed loss of her sister. She gives the audience plenty of reasons to care about her and root for her. Orchid can be the tech savvy smart chic, Jago the mentor (with his own demons to deal with), and TJ Combo the all-around tough guy and comic relief. ARIA and her company would serve as the general antagonists to the heroes, with Kan-Ra as the scheming background villain with grand plans that never seems to truly go away or be defeated, and Gargos and Eyedol only rearing their ugly heads in the final act (with the latter perhaps only appearing in a post-credits role, as Kan-Ra revives him).

The rotating character stories is a good idea, though - I like that. To slowly piece together all of the pieces of the puzzle only to bring them all together at various connecting points up to and including the final climax and conclusion to the story arc.

I still imagine every now and again just how massive, awesome, and devastating Aganos would look while trashing a bunch of Fulgore and Riptor units surrounding him with top of the line CG and motion capture.


I think it should have the structure of everyone gets an episode dedicated to them and them, only. Each episode is an hour long and each season focuses on the character episodes and then the following episodes where they all interact. Each season would follow the seasons of the games: Season 1 (Jago, Sabrewulf, Glacius, Thunder, Sadira, Orchid, Spinal, and Fulgore).

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I think Ki would work best as a spin off tv show not directly tied to the game. Maybe a show about ancient times with kan rah, spinal and aganos. A brand new story of Aria seeing the incoming threat of gargos and her looking for supernatural humans to help save the world.

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It may be biasm but I like it. Let’s get a TV season based on a robot for a change.