How will the SL mode release work with the early access?

With the full release of Shadow Lords in 4 days :smile: Will those of us with early acess need to redownload the the whole game, or will the full version just patch over the early release things?

As far as I’m aware, sl is already in the game, it’s just not out yet, that’s why the early access is so small. There might be a bug fix and eyedol story update, but most of it is in there. This is just speculation on my part though.

What about those of ya who have the ultra combo package are are supposed to get things slightly earlier. Do we still wait for the 20th with everyone else?

Ultra edition early access only extends to characters and costumes, not modes.

As for the topic at hand, there will have to be an update for them to add all the changes they’ve made based on our feedback as well as the other content for Shadow Lords that isn’t in the game right now. Plus there’s a balance update coming as well I believe.

Ahh dang that’s right. Just noticed the fine print. Ah well, just four more days

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When it releases there will be a content patch, and usualy the content patches are almost the size of the entire game.

Yep, I only hope that work we already have done in SL early-access will be accounted for in full release, I mean it won’t be the end of the world if it isn’t but it would be sweet if it counts, especially for those Mimic skins since it seems it’ll take quite a few playthroughs to complete the requirements and unlock character skins.

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That would be sweet. I would already have Riptor and Gargos done. Possibly more.