How Will Sadira Evolve in Season 3?

Alright folks a new KI season is upon us with some new balance changes. We Sadira-ites know all too well how S2 changed Sadira. The beginning of S2 was rough for us and luckily IG made a few tweaks to make her better (changes to KV meter for one and a few frame changes).

Per Sadira’s story, she started training around the concepts of the “Jumping Spider”… (I looked up the genus name of the spider species they listed).

Oddly enough she already jumps a LOT… Does this mean she’s going to get a triple jump? I pounce attack? (like Maya’s).

Will she get nerfed?

I can’t see them nerfing her anymore.

A buff maybe?


I’d love it if she got a pounce attack.

Maybe extended air combos?

I’m betting on some kind of command air grab or an air ender.

One of the main mechanics they are bringing to S3 is stagger. We’ve seen it with Shago and soon the whole roster will be updated with stagger mechanics in their move set.

What moves/normals will Sadira have updated with stagger? No clue at all.
I’m guessing it’ll have to be on ground based normals or moves, so that makes a rather short list tbh.

To be frank, I think IG are a little on the bench when it comes to Sadira. She was DH’s pet character and IG didn’t “adjust” her too much in S2.

Despite all this, I’m looking forward to what comes in March and I hope she gets some tlc.

Maybe she gets a command normal that stretches a web across the screen in mid-air where she can perch or continue an air combo from?

Sadira has a new ender :slight_smile: And a super bouncy attack.

What! I wanna see it! I wanna see it!

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I actually really don’t like the animation for it. Happens really slowly I feel. It’s a web cling ender.

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Yeah it looks bootleg as hell. They should have made a unique animation for it.

I’m glad it’s not just me. I think the ender is neat but I agree way to slow.

Maybe she should jump up to the top corner and pull the opponent up to the trap and then slam them into the ground once she’s done the regular number of hits.

Ok, this means she’s set herself up by cornering the opponent, but the web cling into jumping forward kick part of the ender seems way too long and lacking in impact.

Maybe she does the web cling, pulls them in and she just MK bicycle kicks the opponent to launch them back to where the ender started, so they aren’t moved into a cornered position, unless they were cornered in the first place.

The big problem with it is it needs to be a 4-5 hit ender. I do agree it needs to be sped up some how.

Admittedly I’m not a Sadira main, so will probably hate seeing the ender as it means I’m getting comboed, but I thought it looked pretty cool. Having a long ender may be partially advantageous as well as you can run the clock down easier.

Run the clock down. You’ll be dead before then. :wink:

Most of the time yeah. If you have a life lead, time is getting short and you do a long animation ender which happens to be the most damaging one you have, your opponent will get frustrated and will be desperate to get in, making them reckless and prone to exploitable mistakes.

Interesting. Honestly I never really pay much attention to the clock, unless I have a player that is purposely trying to run down said clock to get the win. When Shadow Jago first came out, I saw a lot of Sjagos using this as a strat to win matches. They’d get a smidgen of a life lead and then run the entire rest of the match.

In truth, I’ve never thought about a time run out, as a means of victory. It does happen here and there, but I’d much rather completely destroy my opponants and soak in their salty tears. :smiley: