How where the sales nrs of season 3 compare to season 1 and 2?

He is supposedly more machine then man. Although…in game he might as well be a man inside a suit…NRS did a poor job of that.

Cyborgs in MK always were men in metal armors though…

I’ve had this debate with people on the forums to many times. Ultimates were indeed a selling point for KI, as much as MK’s story, MK’s fatalities, and just the over all blood and gore of the MK series. Same goes for so many other VGs, movies, or [insert random franchise] out there, as “flash” is a HUGE selling point in most media.

[quote=“FengShuiEnergy, post:17, topic:10573”]
It essentially becomes new flash move appears

Play with it a short time

Probably forgot it exists later on[/quote]

Sure Ultimates are mostly flash and little substance, similar to MK’s fatalities, but you are indeed SEVERELY undercutting the importance of said “flash” in fighting games. Why do you think SFV supers are so flashy? Or GG’s super moves? It is all fan service, and even if it is just for “casuals,” it still has a part play in enhancing the overall product.

What is the difference between an X-ray or brutality finish in MKX, and an Ultimate finish in KI? They serve the same purpose…to put a button on the end of a match, but even more so in KI they are a literal death more that can happen BEFORE you are actually dead due to the combo system. In some respects they are no different than an Ultra in KI, but if they are implemented in the same way that they are in KI2, then they literally add to game play, as they would add an “out of combo” death move for all characters when their opponent is in danger.

Here you are going overboard in equating MK gore with KI gore. KI’s gore has NEVER been at the level of MK’s gore, but furthermore, I don’t think any KI fan who is asking for Ultimates is also asking for MK levels of gore. Regardless, MS has already gone on record saying that they aren’t going rated ‘M’ with KI, that they will “let Mortal Kombat have that” so your fears of Ultimates going that route should be quelled off top. All us Ultimate lovers want is variety in finishers…



…more ways to end a match, and ultimately add the one flashy thing that is missing from this new KI.

Ultimate’s were never a selling point for KI…ever. There’s only one ultimate I remember. I don’t think I need to tell you what one that is.

Undercutting? No, Supers had the bonus of being used during matches not at the end AND they had little cinematics. Great. That and more then half of MKX’s were horrible too (subjective). As I said…I don’t have much faith in how good they look.

Difference between an x-ray, brutality and fatality and ultra is x-rays can be done anytime you have max meter. The others can only be done at the end of a match.

If you want things to look right…do them right.

At the end of the day though, it’s “I want them in” or “I don’t want them in.” Which is a stalemate.

Sounds like you are saying Ultimates were never a selling point FOR YOU, when in fact THE REASON many people even remember KI today is because of the overall combo system, Ultras and Ultimates in the arcade. If you don’t remember any ultimates from back in the day that is fine, but PLENTY of people remember them to today (myself included) and most of us had them etched in our brains in the arcades.

Ultimate, Ultras, and things like “Jago’s Ghost” were literally the reason people pumped quarters into those games. They were indeed a literally selling point.

Undercutting? Yes.

Why do you think MK sells as much as it does? Because of the gameplay?

People LOVE street fighter, and regularly it is remarked as the ‘creame de la creame’ of the FG scene in terms of GP, but do you think people LOVE it for the gp alone? Or do you think it has something to do with the “flash” or “fluff” of the series.

Why do you think Capcom is making a story mode for SF? Because they have finally realized that no matter the quality of the fighting, you NEED the “flash” for the wider audience, as it is them who can propel a game to uber success.

If you don’t remember, Ultimates in KI2 could be used during a match. Jago’s Ultimate fireball was his ultimate zoning tool, on top of being able to be done in combo. Ultimates as they were in KI2 LITERALLY added a new “super” to your character when the opponent is in danger. It functionally worked like the opposite of “Rage” system in Tekken 7, or Power Blows in DOA5.

There are more differences than that, but I guess we don’t know need to go into them. Regardless, Ultimates in KI are NOT like Fatalities, and yeah, they are also not like X-rays…at least not 100%. They ARE in fact just like Brutalities, with a hint of an X-ray seeing as you can do some of them out side of a combo.

Like I said above, see Rage Mode in Tekken 7, or Power Blows in DOA5. Hell, you can even somewhat compare them to stage knock offs and such seeing as they are/can be situational type moves. They literally add more options in a match, on top of being flashy.

Didn’t know about jago’s ghost. I’d put money on that people wanted to “hey I wanna play the robot!” “I wanna play the skeleton!” “I wanna play the fire guy!” "Wanna play some KI? “You mean that game with the C-C-C-Combo-breakers? Yeah sure!”

Ultimate’s were just tacked on.

Obviously MK sells for it’s flash (that doesn’t last that long to begin with, and I don’t have to tell you about the support and the like).

Capcom is making a story because they wanted to do something different. Why do you think there’s no arcade mode? Despite being a huge outrage for it. You could argue story has ties to gameplay. Understand your character better, have relations etc etc.

Ultimate’s did function like supers in KI2. That’s fine.

They add more options at the end of a match not during.

On a brief side note, this is why Sega keeps failing when it comes to Virtua Fighter. They strictly cater to primarily the “hardcore” and not the “casual” gamers. Sadly (depending on your stance on this), casual gamers is really where the money is at. There obviously needs to be a balance between the two, you don’t want casuals to feel overwhelmed by the game’s depth, etc, and you also don’t want casuals to run through the game and toss it to the side. On the flipside, hardcore gamers need something they can sink their teeth into, like the many features within training mode, and a not-so-seemingly-easy combat system, which is partly why games like Persona Arena almost didn’t fare so well within the FGC in the beginning.

I would be fine with all characters having Ultimates like Shago. I don’t see it as something detracting from the flair that KI has, but rather something that actually helps it in the long run…