How to transition from a stick to a regular controller

So I finally got my Xbox. I was really happy. Then I became unhappy when I found out my stick wasn’t shipped yet. I’ve been playing with a stick for almost 5 years wit this game, as Glacius. I tried to fight with a regular controller but I am so used to my stick. Has anyone had this problem? Are there any good Glacius players who don’t use a stick? I don’t see how you can hold 3 jails without one. I love you.

Seeing as you only have 4 fingers to work with… I don’t see how you can… Menat has a similar problem… shes a stick character.

You would have rebind your buttons in such a way that would allow you to use your thumb to hold two of the jails on the face buttons while your index finger holds the 3rd jail on the shoulder button.

Your final remaining index finger can be used to kick using whatever spare shoulder button is in reach.

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THat just sounds awkward to do. I’ll just wait for my stick. Don’t know any places near me that sells a cheap fight stick.

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There is a good Glacius player who uses a controller, but I don’t remember his name. The only reason why I remember this is because he’s the only one I’ve seen do this. I think this is his layout

Basically the old SNES layout with triggers added as the 3P and 3K buttons. Hopefully it helps.

Edit: I think he also holds the controller with his right thumb and pointer finger on the face buttons and his middle finger for RB and RT.

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With Glacius? Just mash and win :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Seriously it depends on the player. Few days I played against a friend who gave me an old PS2 pad and it was horrible. I still beat him, but it was a bad experience. Xbox controller wasn’t detected on his Win 7. After playing KI and SFV with fightstick I don’t want to go to pad ever. Hope you get your stick soon.

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Well it wouldn’t be a fighting game if some form of execution isn’t holding you back…

Perhaps while you wait you can try some new characters… at the very least it will give you alil extra matchup knowledge for when you switch back to Glacius.