How to tech on reaction?

Throws. Activated by both light buttons. Throw tech. Activated by both light buttons. Simple enough. I can tech with a read or if it is obvious. However, how do you tech on reaction? Throws seem to be too fast to react to. You need a read. I can only tech if I do it as a read. How do I react fast enough? Any tips?

I think it’s generally more of a reaction to the circumstances leading up to the throw, as opposed to a reaction to the throw itself. You see someone empty jump, you throw tech. They walk right up next to you without pushing a button, you throw tech. They press some normal that’s plus and you feel like taking a chance, you throw tech.


Can’t tech throws on reaction. The are 5f startup and the tech window is about 7f after a throw connects.

You can only tech on reads.


Pretty much what Storm said. Throw tech is always a read, never a reaction.

EDIT: And what Infil said.

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No Tekk?
I mashed it!

What @Infilament said.

Additionally, there’s an option select known as late teching which can defend against both predictable early buttons (e.g. frame traps) as well as throw attempts, that can make teching less risky. You tech late into the throw tech window – late enough so that if your opponent pressed a button you won’t be in a throw startup animation, so you can block the attack and your throw input will be ignored because you’re in blockstun, but still early enough to be in the tech window if they did go for the throw. You’ll block if they attack and tech if they throw.

Of course if they think you’ll go for a late tech then they could just hold up, or press a button late, so that your tech input turns into an ill-fated throw attempt. It requires a fairly explicit read, but it’s a pretty important part of the pressure game.

I can’t even begin to tell you how often I would see an empty jump or dash in, press the buttons to tech the throw, and end up getting thrown anyways. My guess is that I’m too slow, but man it irritates the hell outta me.

Empty jumps into neutral jumps to bait my throw too, but that at least, I can understand (along with empty jump into overhead or low mixups).

Holding or hitting lp+lk during every hitsunt then?

Aren’t throws 4 frames? If not, then why can’t I stop them with a jab that has 4 frames if the throws are 5?

I count the first active frame in startup, so both throws and jabs are 5 frames. If you go by the KI terms, then they are both 4 frames, but they are the same either way.


Sure, if you have the presence of mind to do so and can time it well consistently, and don’t mind getting baited into whiffing a throw sometimes by your opponent figuring out what you’re doing and just holding up instead.

That is to say, it’s a thing that’s worth doing, but it’s a skill and it can be exploited by an opponent who knows you’re doing it.