How to switch to controller from keyboard?

I have a gamepad and it works fine normally but sometimes the game will change to keyboard and I’m unable to get it to recognize gamepad input until I restart the game… which means I have to forfeit a game/rage quit.

How do you toggle between keyboard and gamepad/fight stick while in game?

Not sure, just don’t type messages with keyboard as that is the reason I get locked out of controller.

Haha, this happens all the time to me as I’m tabbing out to check chat on Steam or the xbox app, it’s especially silly when tabbing just to “gg” someone through the xbox app.

Unfortunately I have no answers for you, I’m hoping someone knows though.

Weird. My Xbone controllers will just activate so long as I’m on the main menu. It never switches when I Alt+Tab, unless I’m on the main menu.

It happens for me often when I’m alt tabbing

Which controller are you using? Might be a specific to a particular set.

My fight stick is recognised as a basic “Xbox controller” so it’s not that. I’m fairly certain it’s to do with the action of alt tabbing itself, it’s like the game thinks “oh so you’re using keyboard now? Ok then!” and everything gets defaulted to keyboard controls.

Happened with me quite some times. You just need to minimize the game and open a browser or Xbox client and joystick stops to function, not entirely, it will still navigate trough menus and i will be able to find a match, but as soon as it starts the gamepad simply stops to respond. Now before i start a match i double check if the game is showing gamepad buttons or keyboard keys on menus, if it’s showing keyboard keys i need to exit and reload KI to make gamepad work again. Disconnecting it from usb it’s useless.

I’m using w10 with x360 original gamepad.

Please tell me someone has a solution to this.

I’m being showed the keyboard -exclusively- as player 1, and am unable to use my controller, and it’s driving me to distraction because I want to enjoy killer instinct, not bounce around like this. It’s -very- annoying. Is there a fix, or at least a way to designate a controller as player 1?

Edit: I’m currently playing on a custom-built gaming laptop with a Xbox 360 controller