How to stop youtube's related videos from showing at the end?

Youtube gives an option to turn off Auto-play, but how do stop related videos from popping directly in front of the video you’re currently watching? (these popups usually come at the last 5 seconds or so.)

We already have a big list of related videos on the right side, why does youtube insist on putting two of those same video right on front of the video you’re currently watching as the video ends. It looks like content creators might want to make videos longer to compensate for this, otherwise viewers will never see the endings of videos clearly because the related videos that come up in the last few seconds seem to cover up a good portion of the video’s screen real estate.

This change seems recent for youtube, like maybe end of Nov, early Dec.

What you’re describing sounds like Cards, which is what YouTube is recommending Content Creators use to point their viewers to related content, as Annotations have been deprecated (although I’m still seeing them on new videos). Currently, there is no way to disable cards like we could with annotations. End screens, much like cards, are in the hands of the Content Creators as well

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Thank you bro!