How to - Semi-Effectively use Aganos to fight Maya

I was doing everything right and 3 mistakes cost me a Life Bar. So this isn’t nearly as sound a battle as it could have been. However, this is a very NOT uphill battle if you know what punishes what and what moves to do when. Training mode and Kyle mode are great tools for one to learn an MU.

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Despite your mistakes, that was a pretty solid defense and counter-work on your part. If you and I were to go at it, based solely on this clip, I’m certain I would lose. :confounded:

That tech was… rock solid :wink:

Good stuff! I’ll try that back flick to punish DP. Please post more against Maya when possible! :slight_smile:

Up-finger flick is useful against Maya’s DP into dagger (and is almost certainly your best option), but it comes out rather slow compared to how fast she can throw out her dagger, so to get it to work, you really have to be on point with it.