How to remove PC players from EX?

Exaclty what the title says. How do you remove PC players from your Exhibition search?
Is it “NO cross play” or “NO cross network play”…or both?

Problem is every PC player Ive played today and last night is FULL of roll back and screen skipping as if we are playing on MKX original online code or SF online network.

Ive been mid combo and then it turns into them blocking. Ive been in mid throwing the oppeoent and it turns into them jumoing out of the throw and then throwing me. Not fun.

Not sure why, but for me, Cross play is not connecting well at all.

why would we answer your question? many of us are pc players and that means less for us to play if you opt out.

Well thats not cool,so you would rather play laggy,screen skipping matches… no thanks

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Has this always happened to you or is it just now happening? Because having that problem JUST NOW happening could be the specific players youre playing i.e. lagswitching or it could be the internet in general being dumb. I dont see why it would just now suddenly start happening and specifically being pc players. I mean its had cross play with pc since Season 3 first came out and no ones mentioned this before to my knowledge. Maybe you are just fighting the wrong people. idk.

Just within the last week…no offesne to any PC players…but unitl it gets back to normal…id rather just remove them or play ranked. Its not a personal attack on anyone.
My question is which one is which? Cross network and cross play…what is the difference? WHich one effects what?
All online has been very scetchy all week…but I mainly notice when agaisnt PC Iconed players.

■■■■ I said, Im not trying to offend or alienate anyone…just curious what is what so I can avoid the issue until its resolved.

“Allow cross play” includes the players on Windows 10, “Allow Cross Network” adds those on Steam.

Turning both off would prevent matching with all PC players.

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Thank you! Thats kind of what I was thinking but wasnt exaclty sure. I didnt turn it off today. Ran into a few PC players and the matches were laggy and mainly skipping/teleporting frames again. But I just stuck it out and got through it. Not sure whats going on with the connecitons this past week.

Id be very curious if it was ACTUALLY PC players or if it was just a network error. KI is so random with functionality sometimes. Like it should be stable since its pretty much done with adding anything new but theres still weird stuff that happens and functionality goes awry for no apparent reason. Im a PC player specifically, if you ever want to get some matches in to test it out, Id be down. I have a pretty decent internet and have never had KI lag on me unless I play my friend when hes at his parents house out in the boonies. Also from what Ive read here in the forums, it sounds like KI matchmaking and online in general is acting all sorts of goofy.

Yes I seen this lately as well… on an odd thread. Wasn’t really sure what was going on or how serious it was. I just know what Ive been experiencing so I thought maybe I would try removing the PC search and see how that pans out. I wouldn’t say it was better, but its so hard to tell what the culprit is.

Since the last patch the network has been inconstant with lots of slowdown. Not trying to point fingers… but ever since IG left and MS took over the networking, it seems like it started to steadily get worse.

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YEah its been pretty bad lately…mainly screen skipping/ teleporting, which i had never really seen before. Add some roll back into that and it can be some really frustrating stuff!