How to remake Tao Feng?

How would you remake Tao Feng: Fist of the Lotus?

I wouldn’t. It was a crappy and tacky game, imo. Let it stay in the grave where it belongs…

Then use some of its character concepts into KI to make new characters then?

Please no.

we could think of new characters and factions

new character be similar to mortal kombat .

Oh God no. “Tao Feng” was awful. Granted, I wouldn’t mind a game that better utilized the limb break mechanic, but “Tao Feng”? Blech.

Zhao yen is Sub zero to me zhao yen is from ethereal plane ice.

I was thinking maybe new characters from Ethereal plane of Fire he be Zhao yen archrival who that sounds ?.

Tao feng need ice and fire rivals characters just like Sub zero & scorpion and including Glacius and Cinder from Killer instinct.

He be like shao Kahn.

He be awsome boss for tao feng 2 games .

Have own factions and minions

Any more idea of new characters and factions?.

That’s the huge problem with “Tao Feng” - it has no identity. It’s pretty much a subpar “Mortal Kombat” clone with no uniqueness or sense of self. Granted, this was created by John Tobias, one of the co-creators of “Mortal Kombat”, so to a certain extent it makes sense that it is an MK clone, but again, there’s nothing really unique about it, especially with regards to its characters. So, instead of saying “oh this should be like (insert name) from MK”, you should be asking “how do you make a unique character/fighting game that stands out and is its own unique thing”? Aside from the limb break system, “Tao Feng” doesn’t really have anything going for it.

Let think of fire and ice characters rivals just like Sub zero and scorpion .

A big no, just because it is too cliched.