How to Punish: Gargos



  • Light*: -39
  • Medium: -36
  • Fierce: -12
  • Shadow: +1

Reckoning (Air)

  • Light*: -39
  • Medium*: -39
  • Fierce*: -45

*Gargos is airborne if blocked correctly. Gargos is allowed one follow up attack should he choose. He has the option to utilize one flap of the wings, another reckoning, or a simple attack after the wings flap/aren’t flapped at all.


  • Light: -11
  • Medium: -.6
  • Fierce: -6
  • Shadow: -16

Minion Summon

  • 25 frame recovery after flash


  • -35

Standing Roundhouse

  • -22

Low Roundhouse

  • -10

That idle theme though.

Jeez, he’s unsafer than shadow jago!

His normals have good range, and the command grab is not to be trifled with.

Believe it’s as good as +4 on the drop. Vortex game will be a definite + in his favor.

EDIT - it’s +5


Thanks so much for these Fincho. This one coming out prior to official release will be really convenient when the tsunami of salty tears approaches this weekend.


I want that stage :frowning:

Interesting, it definitely makes sense that his moves would be pretty unsafe on block, considering the ridiculous amount of tools he has. Glad to see some work being done to find out how to call him out on him just trying to do stuff.

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In a Gargos mirror, a blocked Reckoning can be punished with a medium Reckoning on reaction.