How to mute mic for *just* game chat on PC?

I’m usually streaming when I play and I noticed that my microphone always seems to transmit in-game chat no matter what I do, try, or look for.

Is there a way to mute your in-game chat in KI that doesn’t involve unplugging or otherwise disabling my microphone? A toggle would be great if it exists - I often do not want to chat with the person on the other side of the game (and they probably don’t want my stream commentary when I’m doing that) but I definitely want to be able to record voice for the stream.

I would also like to know this.

Some people were saying that if you open up an Xbox party with only you in it, it doesn’t transmit.

I haven’t tried it myself, but see if that works?

I’ll take it.

Start Menu, Settings, Privacy, Microphone. Toggle KI off.

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