How to learn play with characters than Jago?


I finished training mode with Jago, final moves was very hard and took hours to complete.
How to practice with other characters ? they dont have this guided training.
Feels long task to start studying new character but is it ?

I have never used autocombos and never will. Autos feel like cheating
If planning to be good Manuals are way to go?.

Jago is the only character with a “dedicated” training regimen - if you want to learn to play another character you’ll have to do it the old-fashioned way (practice mode and matches, whether against people or the computer).

I’ll assume that by “autocombos” you mean autodoubles and not Combo Assist Mode? Manuals are a useful skill to know, but aren’t the be-all end-all. Optimal play will actually involve a combination of autodoubles and manuals (manuals are harder to break, but autodoubles do more damage and are often better for baiting counter breakers). I’d caution against developing an irrational aversion to using AD’s - they have their uses even in high-level play.


I would recommend using practice mode and playing a few matches against AI with Jago until you get used to doing combos and using his special moves, and antiairing. These are important no matter who you end up playing. You can also look for training partners to help you learn.

Once you feel comfortable with Jago and want to try another character, give Sabrewulf, Thunder, and Glacius each a try - they have very different playstyles which you might immediately like or hate, and you can then try other similar characters to the ones you liked.

I would use Infilament’s character guides (, which tell you some of the characters’ best moves and general strategy to get you started.
You can then play them in practice and turn on attack data, to see what their attacks are like and what their specials do. Turning on hitboxes in options will also let you see the range of your attacks, find good antiairs, and see which special/shadow moves give you kinds of invincibility. Try comboing for a while and some mixups, then try some matches.

If you’ve been trying a character but your style isn’t working very well, you could look up gameplay videos, replays, or watch streams to see how people normally play them. Maximilian Dood on youtube has a Week Of! series for each character where he’s trying them out online after a little practice and seeing what works.

And I would say autodoubles are needed for good play - if you never use them, you’ll drop a lot of combos, and if your opponent is locked out then you’ll do much less damage without them.
If anything, autodoubles are more fair on your opponent than manuals - they can be reacted to, while manuals can be more like a guessing game to break.

Also welcome to KI!

Yeah, the combo system in KI features “auto doubles” which is a term from the original game to describe a single button press that delivers two hits. These are critical components of the game and definitely not “cheating.”

As far as learning other characters, much of what you learn in the tutorial with Jago is transferable to other characters. Adapting between them as far as the basics in KI is not all that hard. Like with anything, becoming a truly excellent player takes time and effort. But KI is not especially hard to pick up and play.

I would pick a character that you think is cool and just get started. Good choices for new players would be Sabrewulf, Riptor, (Jago), Shin Hisako, Orchid (although she is tough to be truly good with her gameplan is still pretty simple) and Tusk (although he’s a little weird). Characters with very unique mechanics that you need to master to play well you might want to avoid. These would be Kan Ra, Gargos, Sadira, Mira, Aganos and maybe also Maya.

Good luck and have fun. A good place to look for help leveling up is the GGs thread on this forum. You can ask people to play you in long sets there.