How to kill gargos on godlike-challening difficulty

Step one is to equip fulgore, shin hisako, or unlock eyedol through the titan missions. Step 2 is to get the snake guardian (an owl will work too.) Once you get to gargos put the snake on said fulgore, shin hisako, or eyedol. Once in the mission to kill gargos, repeatedly hold forward and do HP or HK holding fowards. Doing so will perform a 2-4 hit heavy combo with a ender. With the snake this will poison him. Causing more damage for combo Enders. Repeat this process and you should beat him no problem.

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Did you beat it on Godlike? You might want to edit and add that if Gargos has parry that this will not work. He will parry the first hit, then take over half the first life bar. This strategy also depends greatly on which AI pattern Gargos uses. Some times he will just start walking to you at the start of the match. Other times he will either back dash into a special move, or do a special move at the very start of the match.

I don’t mean to be a jerk, but this strategy is very misleading to a new player looking to beat Gargos on these two difficulty settings.

Before you ask, yes I have beaten Gargos several times on both settings.

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Rash + Killer Snake Guardian = Profit

Even on Godlike with all buffs…

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Use artifacts too

Fractured Ward has been my best friend in Shadow Lords. It means you can make much more ballsy decisions without as much risk, and you can usually blow through attempts to punish your attacks.

I’ve also found that characters that have horizontal projectiles and something to help them get in (Jago, Fulgore, Mira) can be a huge help.

I haven’t been too big on playing on Godlike, but I did it today and beat Gargos mostly with Jago using a Killer snake and Sol’s hammer…I did a quick 1-2 chance combos into juggle ender into flipout into another 1-2 chance combo etc ad nauseam. Apparently the AI is rather bad at recognizing a flipout.

I gotta be honest I was a bit disappointed at how easy he went down. I’m wanting to say it was likely dumb luck of the AI just not doing optimal counters, but with everything lately going on about how hard he is since the AI update, and I took down nearly all 3 bars with just Jago (I put Gargos up first, and he got his @as handed to him, but then again I have trouble with a Gargos mirror match anyway) I was expecting him to utterly destroy me. :confused:

Im still really struggling with this.

Any other charcter/guardian combs anyone can recommend?

The cheaper the better!

Hisako command grab loop with Snake/Bat/FW. RAAM with Snake/FW if you’re patient enough. I’ve been using Omen with Bat for a screen full of Rashakukens all the time to open up the AI lately, works okay in Challenging, not sure about Godlike.

I don’t think specific characters matter. Usually anyone with flipout mechanics work best since the CPU doesn’t tend to block. TJ is my personal favorite.

Also artifacts and guardians work. For best results, use the Shadow Lords artifact.

Fractured Ward (Killer and below), shield as fight-item and a few fast, and in your opinion, good fighters.
Equip also a few bots for Dmg (+/-25) and maybe some other buffs. (I prefer to time the health buffs, so that they end right before Gargos comes.

I start with the badest character and end with the best one, so that he has a kind of bonus through an already damaged enemie.

Use the equiped item (the shield) first when Gargos starts to totally freak out… you need to wait for it with your shield or it’s mostly just a wasted character. This works also when Gargos has all buffs. (i’ve unlocked Gargos’ buff-achievement with it)

btw: i haven’t played with all characters atm, but i prefer Sabrewulf, Riptor and Maya (previously Jago) [or Orchid] because they have really fast attacks and in the most cases you don’t need to block attacks.