How to get PS3 Joystick to work with KI?

Has anyone already figured out a way how to use a PS3 joy with KI ?
Is there a certain type of joystick that actually works with the game ?

oooooh the dreaded ps3 controller. I never got one of those to work even before Windows 10, even with all the tutorials out there.

Only controllers that Windows will recognize as a legit X360 controller will work. So any X360-compatible fightstick, or x360 third party controller. I don’t remember if the legendary Logitech F310 is recognized as an x360 controller, but that thing is your best bet if it is. Someone said the real difference is xinput vs directinput, and that thing has a switch to move between the two. It’s the gold standard of pc controllers, performance definitely on par with a ps3 dpad

i don’t remember if x1 controllers will work, (x1-only fightsticks definitely don’t) maybe they do, but if you need to buy a new one then it doesn’t matter the 360s will be cheaper and do the exact same thing on pc

You can make ps3 controllers work on win10 in fact i sometimes use ps3 controller while playing mkx. <- I had learned how to make it work here.