How to fix riptors theme to be more epic

okay so I was listening to all the dynamic themes for all the characters…and when I went to riptors…it just seemed idk maybe to slow…so if you play the theme in 1.25x makes it sooooooooo much better!! try it yourselves guysRiptor dynamic theme…Play at 1.25x speed!

Riptors theme is perfect, but it just doesn’t fit into KI.

I think it is impossible to make a modern Dinosaur theme fit with a modern fighting game.

Back in the days of KI 1 and 2, most of the music influence came from what was popular at the time. That is why some of the old themes have crazy synth sounds and other electronic instruments that are very “out of place” for the character. It worked back then, but it wouldn’t work now. Instead Mick Gordon had to use only modern tools to make a sound that would fit modern day dinosaur stereotypes and tropes. And THEN try to adapt it to the pace of KI.

He did a wonderful job, but i think it was an impossible task.

The music makes very fitting atmosphere when in mid-fight when you don’t even notice it, but as a stand-alone track it just doesnt make for a very fun listen on its own.

Love all of Mick’s works BTW <3

I also read/heard that Mick wasn’t givin enough time to work on Riptor’s theme, Hence why we ended up with this.


Never knew that. I thought it sounded complete.

Yeah, never really got into his theme. Given enough time and promise we could’ve had a theme similar to Cinder’s. Either way, it is Micks work to be a staple of his musical background good or bad and rightly so deserves to be left untouched.

I love the theme and it even has a portion of John Williams Raptor theme in it. It’s frantic and cinematic.

Wow, I have to admit it does sound better at 1.25x the normal speed.

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Dear god this is awesome!

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Well you may have misunderstood what I meant. What I meant was, It wasn’t suppose to sound like this at all.

Add this to Riptor’s theme. Btw this was Mick’s.

Interesting, Is it possible for us to hear the whole thing?

Unfortunately, this was a 7 second sample. It was scrapped or never finished.

Well damn!, That one sounded a hell of a lot better than what we ended up with.

From what I understand, the sample above is of the original full theme presented to microsoft. I believe(again this is only from memory and so I could be wrong), I believe they werent happy with it and rejected it.

IMO it sounds tremendous. Id say that it doesnt fit in with Riptors stage, but since music select is clearly coming in S3, that seems redundant now and instead we’ve missed out on what sounds like a stunning piece of music. Mick will be rolling in his grave! (if he was dead(he isnt))

What I do know, is that he only had 3 days to work on Riptors theme, presumably why it stands out from the rest of the OST.

Would love to hear the full version of the original

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I really pity the guy in that regard.

No. This was supposed to be Riptor’s theme as this was their intention.