How to fight sadira and what are her bad match ups

I just played a killer Sadira looking like 19-0 yeah he was a better play I don’t think that was my problem I drew a blank every time not knowing what to do. I can’t anti air her. I need help what do you do who she looses to. I played maya for the most part I felt like I couldn’t do anything because I couldn’t get her on the ground. Thanks I advanced

Maya’s actually one of the few characters in the game who actually can anti-air Sadira. If she does anything off a medium widow’s bite that’s not done super low to the ground, down+HP her.

Other than that, I’d say utilize Maya’s silly mobility options to play the fight at your spacings. Don’t toss daggers at anywhere other than point blank (they’re very easy to lose against Sadira), and use your super jumps to meet Sadira in the air. Somewhat counterintuitively, Maya will tend to win a lot of the air exchanges between the two, as she’s got good air buttons and Sadira is typically trying to do something to pressure a grounded opponent. If you can get some height on her, tag her with Mantis - it’s usually a good bet that the Sadira will be trying to jump out of your pressure, so use that to keep them honest.


Any character can beat Sadira, but they have to be patient. Sadira has high mobility and she can seem impossible, but you have to remember that 90% of everything she does is unsafe while in the air. LIke storm said, as a Maya player, you need to capitalize on D+HP. This stuffs a lot of Sadira’s jump ins. Once she is on the ground, you then have to pressure her like there’s no tomorrow. Sadira has incredibly few options for ground pressure (especially without meter.

Maya’s cr. LK or cr. MK are good attacks to poke at a waking Sadira. They are quick and will usually stuff most of her wake up attacks, especially without Shadow Meter.

I’d actually recommend not meatying Sadira with lows - wakeup demon blade will sail over any low attack. Meaty her with something that hits mid.

That’s not true. SBD starts in 2 frames, but is only invulnerable after startup. So if your meaty timing is on point, you’ll stuff her out of any wakeup except SWC. Beating Sadira is as simple as keeping her grounded and next to you. The real key is finding a normal with a lot of active frames, so your timing can be off, but you will still hit her recovery frames since KI is a game that doesn’t give you a lot of time to set stuff up.

That is very true. I’ve been stuffed out by low attacks because they were literally hitting me during the activation process. It’s annoying as I had believed that I should have crushed their low attack.

Duly noted. Apparently a ton of people just really suck with meaty timing - I used to blow through lows on oki like they were going out of style :smile:

I would say Maya, T.J, Rash and Gargos would be good sadira counters and possibly glacius

Eh…I haven’t fought them in S3 yet, but both Glacius and TJ in past seasons were favorable fights for Sadira. Glacius can’t really get her off of him once he’s down, and Sadira avoids a lot of TJ linear approaches.