How to extend combos with HP/HK

Hi guys,
i keep getting my combos broken because i tend to use MP/MK or LP/LK. I tried to use HK/HP but i can never extend my combo more than 2 hits. How does other players keep extending their combos with HK/HP?

Hold down the Light or medium buttons to do heavy linkers. That and

“have you tried the dojo?”

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Throw in some heavy doubles(if you’re using auto doubles) and if your opponents won’t stop breaking you then throw in some counter breakers. Even if it doesn’t work it tells your opponent that the possibility is there and that might stop them from breaking everything.

If your using combo assist you are probably still holding forward so when a H button is pressed it will do a ender I believe, just stop holding forward once you have opened a combo.

Hope this helps.

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correct I am using the assist feature. I followed your instruction but still it ended the combo too quickly.
Man, I don’t know what I did wrong.

which character are you using?

Rash, Glacius, Fulgore, Jago, Agano and Sabrewulf.