How To - Effectively use Aganos to fight Kan-Ra

Proper knowledge of your normals along with effective spacing and trapping Kan-Ra in the corner is all it takes to help Aganos be victorious in this life long battle!



As an Aganos main, this is stuff I already know (although I’m glad you’re posting it, so others will know) So now, how about you tell me something I don’t already know. :wink:

Also, what was the skill level of that Kan-Ra player? I’m curious, because I would think even a decent 1 would’ve tried to use sandsplosion to get out of the corner and counter-attack.

Exploding wouldn’t have worked because Aganos had chunks. As for the rest of your post, I can’t believe a TEACHER had that response :astonished:.

Good video styles.

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Oh man… that was brutal. This is the first time in history that I’ve felt sorry for Kan-Ra.

Great Aganos man I played you twice! I might have to use aganos against a couple of kan-ra’s. glacius isn’t cutting it.

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Chunks wouldn’t have mattered so long as Kan-Ra gets out and gets space.

As for my response, I see nothing wrong with it. I found the clip rather boring, hence the yawn, and I already know about the advice he gave, so I simply asked him to show ME something I didn’t know. That’s all. Don’t read so deep into things (or else you might just find out deep the rabbit hole goes)…

He didn’t have sand anywhere on the screen and Aganos had a wall up behind him when he had instinct. He didn’t have anywhere to go and even if he did he couldn’t have gone anywhere.

I’ll just leave it at that.

Alright Mr. Analyzer of everything…

(re-watches video clip)

The Kan-Ra player still had options; the amount of time Aganos threw him, he could’ve been teching them, or even better, neutral-jump punishing with the multi-hitting medium and heavy punches to remove chunks AND start a combo against his opponent, but he never did. I still believe that that particular Kan-Ra wasn’t any good - especially since he voluntarily put himself into the corner at the very beginning of the fight by jumping backwards and back-dashing (the latter of which he even did when he was already cornered - why would he do that?).

The Kan Ra did make some bad choices for sure, but exploding would have never been helpful/available during that match.

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OK GG… I love ya, but I’ll bite.

I’d venture to say that, most characters in losing situations, unless playing against Ivan Ooze, have options. Besides, Bane was just trying to say that Sandsplosion wasn’t really a good option here.

If this is stuff you already know, then I’m guessing the post wasn’t aimed at you.

If that’s what you really wanted, then I’m guessing you’d attract more flies with honey than vinegar. If I were the OP, I’d feel a lot less compelled to show you anything on the back of your response.

I don’t think it’s fair to judge the player based on this replay. It is fair to say that they didn’t do well in this particular match, but it looked like some seirous matchup inexperience to me (on top of them being spooked and, as you pointed out, backing themselves into a corner).

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I’m genuinely surprised I’m still getting flak for my post when I actually edited it to sound nicer in the 1st place… :disappointed:

That doesn’t mean that your post doesn’t come across as offensive or rude. You didn’t even need to reply in the thread in the first place.

It’s a public forum and I’ll reply if I want to. Reply if I want to. :notes:

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Between playing Thunder, Glacius, and Aganos, I actually think that Aganos has the best match-up against Kan-Ra.This video is a perfect example of that.

Holy crap. That was one of the most relentless maulings I’ve ever seen in Killer Instinct - and that’s saying something. o_O

Interesting. I’d actually have guessed Thunder, since he can cross the screen pretty safely against scarabs with his DP cancels.


I’d say it’s his most effective way of crossing the screen, but I wouldn’t call it safe.

Fair enough. That is certainly trip guardable if you’ve got the timing on your low buttons down.

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