How to earn more astral gems?

I wanted to open this topic does anyone know How to get more astral gems? Cuz i really. Want to get the Snake

You get a lot of gems just by playing the game really. If you do an extended play through (going through all the turns, trying not to skip any fights), you can earn upwards of 20,000 gems in a single play through (that is like 30+ turns though).

Of course this method can take hours of play, so if you just want like 2,000 gems or so in about 15-20 mins or so (that is enough to buy 4 Common Guardian packs, or 1 Rare Guardian pack), you can do that by just skipping all the regular Mimic fights, in order to just fight the Omens, and then fight Gargos. That is 5 fights (assuming you don’t HAVE to fight any of the Mimics) for about 2,000 gems. If you do this a couple times, you can really stack up the money quickly, and make a decent dent in unlocking Mimic skins as well.

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Thanks I needed to know this.

No problem. Glad I could help. :slight_smile:

Yeah using this method I earned 4 mimic skins last night. I only have a few toons left to earn them for. Don’t understand why Hisako needs 100 points though, usually the higher values meant their mimic was more abundant but not hers. I’ve seen her 3-4 times since launch aside from emergency portals which always seem to have her.

I hear you 100 mimic kills thing. Right now I have a team of characters all with a 75 Mimic kill requirement, and just that seems like a daunting task. All those characters have only like 2 or 25 kills on them, so I’m thinking about speed running a few play throughs to try and get their skins, but at the same time I want the dossiers. I have a choice in front of me right now. Still, that is a ton of playing even if I’m skipping just to the bosses.

Just boss rush Gargos, 10 mins = 5 points, faster if you skip omens. I started shadow jago last night before charter crapped out, got 45 points in about an hour. I’ll get the dossiers when more content is out like guardians and such. I already have all 5 killer guardians. Also found a loophole where I don’t need to craft some items either. I’ll make a snippet on that after I have everything :wink:

Cool! Can’t wait.

The reason I stopped doing it on the weekend was only because I had stopped having fun at that time. I wanted to slow it down some, so I chose to do a regular play through. When I play, I like to have everything come together at the end. Getting all the Mimic skins before I get the dossiers, just doesn’t sit well with me.

I haven’t even read a dossier yet, I want the whole story all at once. :slight_smile:

Play shadow lords multiplayer, even if you lose

Well since it seems to have been patched, picking Fulgore on your team every game had a chance to spawn the mission Cleanup Protocol. That mission had one submission called Hellsing that spawned a Sabrewulf. Upon winning that match there was a chance for the reward to be 3 odorous wolf hearts. I did that mission a lot and have probably gotten about 100 hearts from that. I still have never crafted one and have 44 left. Oh well, nothing good can last forever.

Edit: It hasn’t been patched, got 6 hearts today. The Hellsing mission part just seems to be random.

That’s true, I have crafted some but overall I got most of them by completing missions like Cleaning Protocol or getting lucky with the treasures rewards (sometimes I get up to 3 skeleton keys from a skeleton chest along with some cool stuff), I currently have like 111 of the hearts (and since I play normal mode mostly for item farming and I can go YOLO easier…), also the wager missions against the real characters or Fulgore Unit Testing missions can give you a good ammount of gems.

Yeah, I got to the point where I only need Hammer of Sol now. Heart was nice but I have multiple of every killer guardian. Just working on Mimic skins. Have like 7 left? Just there are some characters I just don’t like playing because they are lame lame lame! So saving Arbiter and Wu for last