How to dp when getting crossed up? Also wtf vs Wulf

Is it good timing on their part or am I an idiot? Lol I can never get my move to work when someone is crossing me up on wakeup I don’t know if I am just not inputting the right side or what. Also how the heck am I supposed to fight Sabrewulf? Literally can’t do anything

DPs are generally (read, not always) bad against crossups unless you get them out early and have invincible frames with it. Otherwise, you’ll either whiff or, even worse, nothing will happen simply because the crossup itself reverses your controls, which causes you to drop it (this happens to me all the time with QCF moves, which instantly get turned into QCB moves, often causing me to do the wrong move and easily getting punished as a result).

So, to handle crossups, here’s at least 2 solutions:

  1. Dash-forward. If they’re jumping over you, this may give you much needed space to cause them to whiff, where you can then punish them on landing. Be careful, though, as some characters dashes may not be as good as others.
  2. Block their crossup attack (if any) with a reverse block (hold forward instead of back, since they’re switching sides), and then do your DP. :wink:

EDIT: As for Wulf, simply stay back and wait for him to dash or run in. That’s when he’s weakest. When he does, attack him with your reach before he ever gets close. :slight_smile:

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Thanks dude! Appreciate the help. Yeah Tusk’s light dp has invincibility if I’m not mistaken but it never seems to come out.

You’re welcome! Any time! :smiley:

I learned how to do a cross up-Dp from @STORM179. If down back,down forward,down back,down forward punch,it will do the DP regardeless on what side the opponent is on. The Dp hits for the majority of the time. You can do down forward down forward to do a forward DP. This manipulaates this by doing it on both sides ensuring the DP comes out.