How to do overhead attacks as Omen?


I started to play as Omen yesterday. My biggest issue with him is the lack of overhead attacks, i dont really know what to do when the enemy is crouching and blocks.

Things i tried:

  • Use throws, but thats really risky and hard to do. The AI/Shadows reacts instantly for every throw with a cancel, and an experienced player can read easily what i want to do everytime when he is crouching.
  • Use Shadow Form to mix up the direction of the stance, but thats not always working (AI reacting superfast, player can react to that too) and it needs one shadow meter which is a chore everytime the enemy is crouching.
  • Demonic Despair: It needs 3 shadow meters and its very risky, not a good plan at all.

Im training against LVL500 Shadow mostly, and almost all the time i fail because i have no idea what to do against crouching enemies. There are some shadows who basically cannot be attacked, because they are defending everything superfast, even if im mixing up everything i have in my disposal, and the only way to damage them is to wait for an opening, basically a mistake the AI makes. Only tried 1 multiplayer match (im in a recovery because of a few humiliating matches yesterday, lol)


Jump over their head and air back dash back to their face and catch them with a MP or HP on the way down. If done right it will hit them over head and cross up.
But being you are fighting high level AI you are learning really bad habits and feel of the game that just isnt good. Waiting for them to make a mistake and you “punish them” is exactly what you need to be doing. Also Omens throw is strong…learn to use it often and get a combo out of it in the corner or pop instinct, freeze the screen and slide in to your thrown opponent to continue to combo mid screen


You’re fighting shadows, which is good! If a shadow is defending against everything you’ve got, then chances are your offense isn’t too scary and that’s what you want to work on.

Omen doesn’t have a grounded overhead, so your primarily offensive mixup will be doing the kinds of airdash shenanigans Seraphs is talking about above. Put out some rashakukens to force them to block, and then just do a bunch of aerial nonsense while they’re stuck there to tag them. Left/right mixups, empty jumps into lows, etc. Omen is incredibly difficult for most of the cast to defend against. Add in some frame traps and you should be tagging your opponents fairly frequently.


Thanks for the tips, will try them out! Im playing against the “AI” only in Shadow Lords, otherwise im using the Shadow Survival option.


Yeah maybe im not really scary yet, im lvl 20 with Omen, lol. Most of the shadows are not defending everything tho. There is only a few one, at least i never had the chance to combo them, its like input reading on the highest level, im not sure about it. They are not attacking at all, basically just standing or crouching. If you dont attack them, the time limit will end the match.
I will continue to learn Omen! Its refreshing to play a second character after 2 weeks of playing Jago only. The most fun part in the game is fighting against a player in the same level as you, nowadays im playing at least 1 multiplayer match /day.


That’s great you are slowly moving into multiplayer. I too at the beginning would not play online. I would get real nervous and then someone would troll me and Id get really mad. But eventually after coming here daily and soaking up all the knowledge on the game I could read and watching clips and tournaments eventually I got good enough to hold my own online and the nerves mostly went away.

I would definitely place a lot of balls on the screen like Storm said but be mindful of your opponents shadow meter, a good play will read you and shadow right through your balls. Also time you air dash attacks to land just after the balls hit your blocking opponents, same with throws…if you land them same time as the balls land you wont get a throw or opening. You cant connect on someone that is still in block stun.


Thanks for the tips again!
Yeah, i have more courage to play online. I know most of the players will kick my ■■■ but thats the real learning curve of the game. I played against a player who always breaked my every combo. Literally all of them! How the hell is he doing it? Hes rank was 20 only. Then i realized… every combo i made was middle. This was a bad habit i learned against the AI… switched my attacks all the time and i finally finished him 3 times in a row after that.
EDIT: And one thing i realized is how important to play against a player who wrecks you over and over again. Just played against a Shadow Jago (who was half of the rank as i, lol) and he played so freakin well, i was jealous. 3 times he killed me with awesome combos! But then i started to realize the pattern he using and finally finished him 4 times in a row. The funny thing is he started to learn my pattern too so we learned together basically by beating the sh’’'t out of each other, the last round i won was luck basically.


Thats great! This is really what the game is all about! Seeing patterns and mixing up your patterns. Add your breaking game on top of your footsy game and you have a good chance of winning more often! Sounds to me like you are really learning fast!


Interesting. I guess it’s conceivable that someone could train their shadow solely to be a counter-puncher, but I’d never heard of or seen anyone do it. A shadow tends not to guess at behavior it hasn’t seen before, so if you played all your matches just trying to block and punish it would probably result in the kinds of shadow you describe. Kinda cool that someone took the time/effort to make one like that. :hushed:

Yeah man. That back and forth between two closely matched opponents is the good stuff. Glad you’re enjoying it so much! :slight_smile:


In theory im pretty good at the game but my execution is not good at all, so the learning curve is still high. :smiley: My skills are maximum “average” (not expecting anything great after 16 days), and im panicking in MP so i do dumb things. Im just enjoying the game. :slight_smile: There was a few matches where i was like" wtf happened " and when i watched back in the theatre i mashed buttons so hard and fast it was nonsense.


If this is there, then most of the rest will fall into place. Welcome to the forums and I’m glad you’re enjoying the game. I know nothing about Omen, so I can’t help you too much on that part.


I played a Shadow once that did nothing but taunt and then rq. :confused:

I didn’t know that was possible. :stuck_out_tongue:


Know how to get dast asssss whooped by Omen …LOL…jk