How to deal with wake up Shadow Boot into Instinct?

I need help. I don’t really know what to do. Rash can just wake up and cancel into instinct. It’s a free win win situation for Rash. It hits? He can go into a standard combo for free. Blocked? He gets a mix up. Not sure what to do. I can’t really avoid being near Rash on knockdown as the boot has so much range. What do I do?

What character are you using?

I’m using Fulgore/Jago/Gargos.

Walk into the edge of its range, backdash it.
Oh and meaty fireballs work well too.


Jago used to be able to DP it on reaction actually. Could just stand beside Rash, see the screen freeze, and then just mash out a DP to bop the shadow boot.

Or you could just play Hisako :smile:


Oh that seems neat actually! Does that Jago trick still work? I need to test this.

With fulgore you could teleport out of range (bit of a hard read though). If you have meter you can shadow teleport on reaction to shadow boot

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I really dont know of any other approach that hasn’t been suggested already. I kinda wonder if S. Portal Punch on reaction backs Gargos up enough to evade and punish it.

Really, just wanted to say that’s a situation where its a “Rash meta” so to speak. Kinda in the same ways like…if you separate Maya from a dagger and she has instinct, a raw activation might be coming.

So for me, i started trying to pay attention to Rash’s meter and instinct bars near the end of each lifebar, where this is likely to occur. As a Kim player, i can stuff S. Boot off a read with a parry, making them waste a bar. That’s my advice; trying to notice that timing. Get a feel for that and break Rash of his mixup.