How to counter raams instinct?!?!?

I don’t know what to do??? Anytime I’m about to win a game he uses instinct and literally does a 90% damage combo in like 10 hits…

Run away??

If you don’t get locked out, keep them in a combo, or combo break, the white life won’t matter. Shadow projectiles will help with this.

Raam has no grounded overhead, so if he is grounded and you block while crouched, he can’t initiate a combo without jumping. Knowing this:
-always block crouched
-if he performs running grab, jump
-if he jumps, antiair him ASAP
-if he starts doing blockstrings, shadow counter
-the biggest problem is his command grab. Try to avoid being at range. Sounds easy xD
-if he knocks you down, NEVER try to break his stomps. One counterbreak and you are dead


You just have to be aware of when he has it and try to force him to waste it. Most Raams will try to hold onto it for a lock out but if you pressure them enough they’ll eventually just pop it. For this I say always pressure him with jumping cross ups on his wake up. All he can do is emergence you which does no damage and gives you the opportunity to escape and run away. Yeah you’ll eat the kryll damage but it’s much better than getting combo’d or grabbed.