How to Convey 'Respect Knuckles' to Opponent w/o words?

Like most people, I like to think I channel something of myself through the arcade stick when playing Killer Instinct.

And like most arcade sticks, mine didn’t come w/ an Xbox headset port. :\

So my question to you all is this…

If you have an epic, competitive brawl with someone, how would you convey “Respect Knuckles” without vocal chords? (aka the opposite of t-bag)

My instinctual reaction is to do a prolonged crouch to illustrate a bow-like gesture, being sure to respect the pile of viscera that was so recently my opponent by not crouching directly in it. But I can easily see the gesture being misconstrued

Do you all have any suggestions, stories, ideas?

I usually have my tablet nearby ready to send a GG message. Don’t mind to stop for 30 seconds and have a little friendly chat with a KI fellow ^^

  1. I use my headset with the regular controller. Just got to remember to tap a direction every 9min.
    Make sure the FS is plugged in when starting the game. When it asks who you are, use the stick to sign in, not the gamepad. Now you can use the gamepad to control the OS and headset but it won’t work on the game.

  2. I tend to crouch block between rounds or on knock down to show off respect. If I’m feeling cocky/taunting, I go neutral.

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Honestly I think the best way to convey respect is to “Not move at all”… just stop dead in your tracks from were you land and let the idle motion take over.

Either that or walk backwards and then crouch and hold that crouch until animation screen comes on.

That’s the 2 versions I do and look for.

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I second the backing away and crouching. If I’m being aggressive I’ll get close enough to stand up straight with her lip curled (I main Riptor) to convey “YOU GON’ GET EATED”

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My show my respect:

-Quick finishing Ultras
-In the aftermatch, I simply stand on foot without moving, but if the situation lead to stand over my rival, I walk away a bit from his body


Thank you very much for the headset advice I’ll try it next time i play. I’m also glad to hear other players kneel with good intentions!

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I have a USB keyboard plugged into my XB1, so sending messages, even long ones, is quick and easy for me - I generally send “GG, from GG! ;)” messages. :smiley:

1 Long Slow Teabag. LOL!

I’ve always defended the player should lose control of his character the exact moment the fight is over. Those two seconds between the end of the fight and the outro are awkward and only serve to waste time, either with taunting, crouching, tea b4gging or whatever.

If those two seconds were skipped, along with skippable win poses the game would be much more dynamic in long sets.

EDIT: lol is “tea-bagging” censored in the forum? weird considering this is a fighting forum

I actually used to do exactly the same thing, and sometimes still do. Mostly though I just end any Ultra as soon as I can and then sit still.

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I honestly don’t mind how you still have control of your character in Soul Calibur or Killer Instinct. For the most part, it wouldn’t even be a point to having taunts in a game unless you could use them safely at some point during the match. Again, this is just my opinion. I know that some here feel very strongly about gaming etiquette, but for me, at the end of the day…no matter how much I love Killer Instinct, I remember that it’s just a game in the end whether I win or lose. I find teabagging to be hilarious, even when I’m on the receiving end.

It’s funny, in Soul Calibur you can actually hit your opponent on the ground a few times and somehow that just seems normal and like part of the game, not a taunt or anything bad.

Use my iPhone Xbox One app. Easy stuff, I used the second screen stuff in Dead Rising 3 while it was hot, but I use it a lot as a keyboard device.

Have a look at this post suggesting a way of showing respect:

I really hope the devs pick up on this, as it’d be another step towards making the game a friendly place for new players.

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I just stand back and give my opponent space when I don’t have my headset turned on.

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