How to combo off tusks mp and hp?

From distance close all that i cant seem to get anything but light qcb skull crusher or what ever

light skull splitter, shadow skull splitter or kicks.

From standing HP you can also get Crouching MP.
One of my favorite little chains that I like to try and do is:
Back-Stab(Front) >Standing HP >Crouching MP > Standing HK >Light/Shadow Skull Splitter
It used to be a one chance break before the stagger change, but it’s still really fun to pull off and does hella damage.

In general, you manual off of sword hits.

You also have his command dash options available. The light, medium, and shadow options will all combo from max range on 5HP. You also have the option to instinct cancel and continue from there.

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What about cr mp and mp from distance skull spillters wont hit

You can connect a heavy kick manual after any stagger move, and the kicks are special cancelable (though only light and shadow skull splitter are fast enough to connect
For example: HP, Crouching MP, Standing HK, Light Skull Splitter.