How to (can you even?) use a headset for Killer Instinct chat?

Wha gwan,

Got the 1 TB Xbox and the controller has a 3.5 mm jack on it.

  • Also came with a ghetto telemarketing headset … but it served the point for testing.

Couldn’t get it to work on Killer Instinct chat during games with the 3.5 mm hole on the controller.


A) need Kinect
B) need an adaptor to plug the headset into the middle USB like thing on the controller instead of 3.5 mm hole
C) either of the above

Can anybody help with the answer?


The lucky answer is B) my friend… you need this -

thx, helps but not needed, problem solved.

  • was a software update, then ghetto bundled headset worked without adaptor, but not at same time as game audio
  • XB1 troubleshooting site said those bundled headset just doesn’t do chat and game audio at same time

then bought the official XB1 stereo headset that comes with the adaptor

  • never tried the adaptor
  • works with 3.5 mm plug on bottom of new controllers
  • software controlled volumes

thx again