How to block Glacius in Instinct

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Hey guys i know alot of people have trouble dealing with Glacius in instinct watch this video and stop the shenanigans.!AiQ90XwoZf7ShgbXvfcme1xmLXGc


Nice job, I know this gave people trouble.


I knew there was a tell, but I could never figure it out! THANKS!!! :smiley:


Lol, I made a video about this at the end of May, cause people didn’t believe there was a tell.


Good stuff!


I cant hear the video right now at work… so what s the “tell”?


When he crosses up with instinct puddle, the puddle has ice-spikes in it; if he doesn’t cross up, there’s no spikes in the puddle - it’s as smooth as glass.


Ahhh ok…cool! Thanks! Yeah that cross up always got me… i just never seemed to be able to react even though I knew it was coming.


A bit off-topic, but it’s got me thinking - is there a similar tell for Eyedol’s teleport crossup?