How to beat thunder?

Reset after reset, sammamish all over the screen/stage, abuse of close lk, PLUS a lot of damage! How do you beat this guy?

Zone him out, abuse him on wakeup.

That’s all I know.


How do you do that?

Meaty him

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Does it have to be timed?

Yes. The goal is to have an active attack hitting him the very first frame he gets up, if you’re too late or too early you’ll get hit by something. Just practice it a bit and you’ll get it down. Also, make sure you use a button with a decent sized hitbox because he does have upper body and lower body invincible moves (though ankle slicer isn’t invincible first frame if i recall correctly.)


What about when they keep hitting you with close lk?

You can DP if your character has one, you can shadow counter to fish out any follow up LKs or frame traps or you just have to hold it because lk is plus. By pressing LK in your face the Thunder player is telling you that you’re gonna have to guess whether he’s gonna do Command Grab or Triplax.


in combo, break it (or don’t, keep them guessing to bait a counter breaker). In neutral, try to back-dash or stuff it or shadow counter or invincible move

I also see that you are new to the forums, Welcome! we are mostly a friendly bunch around here and are willing to help you with any questions you might have on KI.


who do you play


Watch grand finals of EVO 2015 and you’ll get the grasp of what you have to do.

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What about thunder 3.9?

Zone and abuse his lack of no true wakeup without meter.

Also, be on point with your shadow counters.