How to beat Sadira?

So I’m still a newbie here, but I seem to only have trouble when I have to play against Sadira. My attacks are always blocked and punished with that backwards cartwheel kick move which not only deals a lot of damage, but also leaves me open to her insane combos.

No matter how well a match starts, it always ends with me in a corner getting the life beat out of me. As soon as I wake up, she hits me with the kick move, and I’m done again.

Any tips for beating her? I don’t really have trouble against other characters, but she is the hardest character I ever had to fight against, and as Arbiter, I just can’t beat her.

You should clean up the language. I dont know how it got through the filters, but it will be edited by a mod soon if you dont.

From what i can tell, Arbiter likes the corner. And Sadira like you to be IN the corner, so you should consider trying a more offensive playstyle. Use your resources to hit her out of the air, then use his HUGE slashes to keep her from jumping again.

Thanks for the tips, and sorry for the language. I edited the post. It’s just that I was a bit salty after losing to her so much.

I am also riding the Salt train super hard right now.

Yeah try utilizing Arbiter’s upward slashes and his little rifle thing to smack her out of the air. She can be a real pain to fight against, especially when she is constantly jumping around the screen the whole match lol that alone is frustrating

When backed into the corner have you tried using the self detonating plasma once you fall quick rise and it should give you some space to slash her or you could follow up with the force block mix up

What’s this force block mixup I’ve seen referenced a few times? Talking about doing a meaty overhead after a knockdown?

Stick them with a nade which would then force them to block and then if they block low hit them with an overhead if they block high hit them low


Oh ok so stick em with a nade afterrr the quickrise. That’s why I was getting confused lol.

Or you could also command grab if close enough I forgot to mention that

True, I think after the wakeup nade you’re always in range for at least a medium-heavy cmd grab, but that’s pretty risky. shadow cmd grab let’s you make a read if they try something. Could also do the cmd grab if you stick em with a nade after the quickrise and they block like you were saying.

Everyone knows you can’t beat Sadira. Unbeatable <3

Really? I don’t seem to have an issue with her. Sure she maybe able to troll you with her constant jumping but, any character can easily anti-air her attacks. Aganos is able to build walls that stop her from moving so far, Shadow Jago can surge his fireballs to cover both the ground and the air, and Omen can use Ordia Shield to anti-air Sadira and lock out her shadow meter while in instinct.