How to beat Rash?

Rash seems unstoppable, I can’t beat him regardless of what character I select. Even with my mains (jago, glacius, kilgore) I can only barely dent him (take away most of one life bar). Whoever your best character is, how do you deal with that MU?

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It really depends on how they play. If they spam wrecking ball, I just block the first hit and usually the next hit is a medium jump kick, I DP them to keep them in line.

I refrain from using Endokukens unless they are in block stun or during combo. I play patient and wait for an opening on something unsafe and DP if they don’t respect me.

Rash makes you feel like you HAVE to play fast, but settle him down at your pace and he should be less menacing.


Be mindful that he does not have any wake up game without meter, so you can stuff him with anything until he gets one bar.

And if he gets one, you can be 90% sure he is going to do EX boot on wake up, so get close as if you want to meaty, but block, and then punish.



And anti-air that annoying wrecking ball.

Punish him when he tries to get in with tongue, it’s not safe.


Forgot to mention, this post reminded me.

Bait his tongue by dash canceling your Endokukens. He will try to eat them and when you cancel into forward dash, his tongue will leave him opened right in front of you, where you guessed it, DP.

I call it, “Eat This”.

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Punish tongue (it’s not safe and it isn’t his turn when he comes in with it) and punish wrecking ball. That’ll let you beat 90% of the Rash players out there. Be patient wait for him to do something unsafe, and then wreck him for it.

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I generally counterpick Tusk to fight Rash. I don’t know if Glacius has a hard time against him, but I gained most of my Rash fighting experience at the launch of S3. Tusks sword normals are good anti-air and generally it’s not a terribly hard fight.

Having said that there are lots of Rash players who are good at what they do and they will make any of the “how to beat Rash” tech in this thread hard to accomplish. That’s just how it goes.

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have you tried ointments or talking to your family doctor?


Tongue isnt safe on block, its p much if not always punishable

learn what to do vs wrecking ball, jmk.

learn the tell+frame data on big boot.

see if you have any options to bait/beat/avoid shadow boot.

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As Shago, Backdash into Dimitri usually catches a them jumping in.

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As a sadira player i just drop the controller and run! :cry: thank you IG!

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this needs to go in the Rash topic however that being said.

Good advise o3o



I main Sadira and I don’t have an issue with rash…I punish tongue zips and wrecking ball with well placed AA into juggles and I bait shadow boot.

Its annoying that he is allowed to do MK after wrecking ball. It beats any of my normal anti airs as Omen.

Its basically free pressure.

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The way Near uses the tongue really confuses me! He cancels it all the time so I can’t punish him because I can’t guess/react where he’s coming from (my rusty reflexes…). I think I can mash jab if the Rash player tries > standing tongue towards me and normal after it. But when it comes from diagonals and stuff I can’t seem to be able to punish it.

And those juggle…Characters that can juggle like that and not that easy to break (in the air on reaction) are a huge annoyance to me ( I dislike the juggling in this KI pretty much, but I appreciate that IG changed Orchid and Maya to be similar to Wulf in that case).

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