How to beat Gargos in shadow lords medium difficulty?

So I beat Gargos in easy but in medium , challenging, I have no chance to attack at all.

I use projectiles, I use wind kick, I try walking towards,
whatever I do I have to get hit by gargo’s wormhole punch and it starts the combo for 100% dmg.

The minions will go back of where I am and Gargos will be in front.

I can’t even hit minions that are on back. Because I have to jump backwards, and that will put me
in even more danger when whatever I do, I’d still get hit by those punches.

I thought getting best guardians, all barracks items, best consumables would somehow manage,
but no, if I can’t hit gargos at all , it won’t happen.

Gargos won’t let me do anything at all. Maybe because I can’t combo break or counter break ?

I have this same issue bro. Sometimes more than others but I am yet to beat him on this difficulty.