How the hell do you people do Godlike? :\

I can’t even beat the first Omen even though it says “medium” difficulty.

Even with Killer/Crimson guardians and the best relics. :\

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Although I’m not the best against AI, there are many exploits that you can do against them to make the less effective.

The only one Ik of is Eagles arrow rain block sequence. Keep spamming light arrow rain combined with precise lows and bird screech and the AI won’t know what to do. Don’t worry about SC, the arrow and the bird has your back. Ive gotten many perfects with this and combining the snake into the mix. This method works well even against Gargos. There are a lot of other stuff like this to abuse

Also Omen is easy to go against if you know his game plan. Just block all the fireballs and wait for the slide, easy punish.

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Thanks for the tips, honestly I just suck with combo breakers. I have been playing this game for four years and I still can’t break on reaction and memorize all the animations so when a cheap computer AI ropes me in I’m done for. D:

There are many things that I’m sure you can find on other threads reagarding this. The best thing is to remember that they are AI, the worst mixup they will really do is grab. They all do something unsafe eventually.

Number one rule: DON’T press any buttons you don’t need to! You will be input read

i copy&paste my text from your other thread:

btw: i don’t want to pose, but i’m currently rank 1 or rank 2 on godlike (xbl) - so my way works well.

it’s really really noobish and not recommend, but you can also try this way.

it was just for fun since he’s so big :smiley:
really, you shouldn’t act like that, it sucks.

As long as I can kill him and get the achievement and never play Godlike again, I’ll be happy. :stuck_out_tongue:

But it’s a great difficulty to earn a lot of money. On average, 616 per round.
If you just want to levelUp with some characters and grind some progress-items, the middle mode is really enough, since godlike is really “item & gem-sucking”.

A cheap way to beat Gargos on any difficulty is to use riptor and have a fractured ward or snake or ram and slam jump heavy punch this works against omen as well make sure you do her talon rake ender.