How on earth do you deal with Thunder?

Hello good Thunder players, I’m having this quarrel with Chief Thunder cause he is really hard to play against too.

Mostly because of his command grab and his Sammamish (dragon punch) that do cross up.

I play Aganos, TJ Combo and Hisako

Regards good fellas :smiley:

Get good at blocking. Stay far away.

Because he has so many different options, and some of them have good follow-ups, there is NO correct strategy to fight him. You have to know what your opponent wants to do, and when you make the right read, and get a hit, you need to put him as far away from you as possible.

Baiting the DP, and looking for the kick is the best idea i have discovered. When you see him DP and you block it, DONT MOVE, just STAY CALM and LOOKOUT for the kick that he can follow up with. It doesnt matter if he does OR doesnt do it, you can punish his landing. The kick is just a method of throwing off the timing of his landing. So stay blocking until you see him hit the ground, then punish.

Most thunders LOVE DPs, because it is so good. Baiting out a few can easily win you a game.

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A lot of Thunder players like to block-confirm normals to cancel into CotE, so once you block an attack, it’s probably a good idea to neutral jump in case he attempts the command grab.

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Same feeling here.

His damn 0 fram grab is a plague. I never think of neutral jump. But it is very punishable with a DP!

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XD I’m sorry bro

I play thunder so I can help you out. Getting close to thunder is not a good idea. Controlling space and playing footies will help a lot. Thunder benefits from pressuring the opponent and having a plethora of oprions. Thunders command grab beats hisakos command grab. Aganos can punish Sam Manish when grounded because of chunks. When with aganos, use your normals to force the player to use riskier buttons to get in. Patience is good but don’t get to patient. Thunder punishes blocking. You must NEVER get knocked down. Thunder has ambigous air cross ups. Left right cross ups on murder of crows dash. Plus triplax frame traps. Don’t be afraid to press buttons on a blocked ankle slicer. Be mindful that your meaty can and WILL get punished if the thunder wakes up. Thunder has a fully invincible light dp for all moves. He has a low invinciblve move (ankle slicer) to punish low attack meaties. A command forward hard punch overhead in case you block. He’s actually a pretty advanced character with basic playatyle. If your opponent is using mind games to beat you. You will have a hard time even with the tips I just gave you. Keep playing thunder players. I play thunder. We can do a set sometime :slight_smile:


You can’t jump or dp out of it. When you see the flash it is too late.

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I’ve played a ton of good Thunders and there are a few good strats to keep in mind. First of all, Thunder is only really dangerous if he’s close to you. Many characters, including Hisako, have far reaching attacks that can keep him at bay. The great thing about Thunder is that he doesn’t have any attacks that can reach you across the screen, or even mid screen. Shadow Call of the Earth has a bit of reach, but it also suffers from a lot of start up frames, so in most cases you should be able to evade.

In terms of dealing with CoE there are a few options to punish. As it has a ton of start up, you can usually jab him out of it with LP or LK. You can nuetral jump or, if you have the space, back dash. Both will cause the move to wiff.

Never allow yourself to get into a corner with Thunder as he has way too many options to keep you there and even blocking could be dangerous. In truth, the best thing to do is allow him to combo you and then break it, as it will send him flying back and give you some breathing room. Just be mindful of Counter breaks.

Another piece of advise, and this is good no matter who you are playing, is watch for patterns in your own playstyle. If you keep using the same combo, coming at him with the same strat, an advanced player is going to capitalize on it.

I remember playing a skilled Thunder and as a Sadira main, my natual instinct was to immediately jump in on him, HOWEVER, I would get Shammanished out every single time. When I changed strats and used Sadira’s best ground normals as well as a few Demon Blade set ups, the match swung in my favor.

Always be adaptive.

Thanks guys,

So you have to avoid getting up close and personal with him? The problem is that I like TJ Combo and Aganos, those guys are a bout getting close. If he has superior close combat, how can I deal with it?

I’m gonna have to play a hell lot against Thunder players XD

Just to clarify, shadow CoE is 5 frames startup, which ties it with the fastest normal in the game and only a few other specials (invincible DPs, usually) are faster. I’d classify shadow CoE’s startup as lightning fast.


Do you have a thunder shadow? I want him to beat my Kim

Play fulgore…it works for anyone (maybe not spinal)

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I don’t have that kind of money :frowning:

No. But I’ll make one because my rash shadow is collecting dust.

Make a thunder! I hate rash- I’ll fight your shadow today when I get home

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Better to eat a dp than a command grab. His CotE results in a hard knock down, which gives him enough time to CoS. That can lead to a safe cross up attempt. Eat the dp.

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Stay away from him

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Thank you cupcake for your critical and expert analysis :slight_smile: kappa

That’s as critical and expert as it gets. Stay away from him and you can’t get DP’d or Command Grabbed :slight_smile:

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