How often to you have to take apart a fightstick and grease the pivot?

If it feels sticky or too loose might be time
Because one guy said 7 years dont mean thats the be all see all
Dont be afraid to tinker with your fightstick with places like the shoryuken forums and how cheap parts are you shouldnt be scared.

Well, I’m the 7 years guy and I will sort of agree with @Dism3mbermenT here. It doesn’t hurt to take care of expensive equipment. I live in a temperate muggy climate and keep my stuff in clean dry places - no pets, don’t travel with them etc.

It doesn’t hurt to take stiff apart and see how it works. I’ve recently replaced all of my JLF springs with stronger ones and that was kind of a fun learning experience. It’s good to get to know your equipment.

I noticed one jlf felt off snaggy and stiff didn’t have a 2lb yet it sat for a year took it apart the pivet was glued from dried up grease

Alright I will take it apart once every 6 months and see how much grease it has. I also bought a extra pivot from focus attack just in case, I order a full package to upgrade my Qanba Q1 to sanwa parts. The Q1 knock off parts are so much garbage but the Chassis case is quite amazing

I thought qanba uses semtisu parts?

The Q1 uses replica knock off Sanwa Parts. Buttons are squeaky and the stick feels like its rubbing on a baloon even though it has grease and even though it uses omron switches same as sanwa. Clearly the pivot is inferior quality and lube is cheap chinese trash. I just bought an entire sanwa Lever for $20 to be done with it and I bought 8 sanwa buttons aswell on focus attack the chassis case is beautiful and has table clamps to give an arcade experience so you won’t have to use it on your laps also the bottom of the Q1 is plastic which is way better than MadCatz that uses Steel, I live in the Caribbean so I walk around in my boxers and the cold steel feels too cold on my lap if I turn on the AC.

The button hole plug if u wanna use 6 buttons has this ■■■■■■ ■■■ matte tickle static feeling when sliding your hand so I put vanish paint on it so now it has a shine like the rest of the stick and feels glossy.
I am still undecided it to use 6 buttons or 8. I bought 6 Grey Sanwa and 2 Yellow Sanwas.

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Hello guys, quick question. I have a te2+, I bought it about 6 months ago and replaced the spring, assembly and gate immediately. It seems like there is a tiny bit of play in the joystick. How often do i need to replace that gate or the springs?

I’ve never replaced any of these things due to maintenance or failure. I have changed the springs for tension preference. I’ve had the same fightsticks for years and the only part I have ever replaced on any of them due to malfunction was the PCB with the joystick microswitches. There’s really nothing in the gate that you might break unless you drop it off a building and I’m reasonably certain that the sprigs will not wear out in any realistic timeframe.